Silent But Deadly VI

a gunboat tournament, scored with OpenTribute

Games: (hover/tap for scores)

SBD6-01: Astrodome (Finished: W13)
SBD6-02: Bernabeu (Finished: F22)
SBD6-03: Boston Garden (Finished: F19)
SBD6-04: Cameron Indoor (Finished: W15)
SBD6-05: Camden Yards (Finished: F13)
SBD6-06: Candlestick Park (Finished: S18)
SBD6-07: Churchill Downs (Finished: F14)
SBD6-08: Comiskey Park (Finished: S34)
SBD6-09: Estadio Azteca (Finished: S12)
SBD6-10: Fenway Park (Finished: S25)
SBD6-11: Roland Garros (Finished: F17)
SBD6-12: Lambeau Field (Finished: S10)
SBD6-13: Maracana (Finished: S19)
SBD6-14: Metrodome (Finished: F26)
SBD6-15: All England Club (Finished: W15)
SBD6-16: Olympiastadion (Finished: F16)
SBD6-17: The Palestra (Finished: F21)
SBD6-18: Phog Allen Fieldhouse (Finished: W12)
SBD6-19: Pontiac Silverdome (Finished: F18)
SBD6-20: Superdome (Finished: S13)
SBD6-21: RFK Stadium (Finished: S14)
SBD6-22: Roman Colosseum (Finished: W11)
SBD6-23: Rose Bowl (Finished: W15)
SBD6-24: Wembley Stadium (Finished: F17)
SBD6-25: Wrigley Field (Finished: S15)
SBD6-26: Yankee Stadium (Finished: W12)


1Riaz Virani599
2Brad Blitstein578
3Adam Silverman522
4Ali Adib503
5Brian Ecton501
6Tommy Anderson484
7David Hood483
8John Anderson440
9Alex Maslow424
10Nicolas Sahuguet418
11Chris Brand399
12Jake Trotta374
13Ariel Mendez-Peñate302
14David Miller283
15Eustacchio Rauli235
16Ed Sullivan223
17Jason Mastbaum213
18Ben Johnson200
19Andy Bartalone176
20Roy Rink157
21Steven Hogue66
22Zach Moore44
23Melinda Holley39
24Jake Langenfeld26
25Craig Mayr25
26Eric Silverman0
Power Avg Solos Tops Elims Best Players
Austria 23.3 0 2.0 18 170.0 Jake Trotta
England 32.0 0 2.0 14 160.0 Brian Ecton
France 56.5 1 6.0 10 340.0 David Hood
Germany 67.7 3 6.0 14 340.0 Tommy Anderson, John Anderson, Ali Adib
Italy 25.7 1 1.0 17 340.0 Riaz Virani
Russia 15.0 0 1.0 18 130.0 Andy Bartalone
Turkey 76.5 2 8.0 9 340.0 Alex Maslow, Adam Silverman
Result Count Avg Score Avg Centers
Eliminated 76 0.0 0.0
Soloed on 24 0.0 4.6
Survived 56 46.5 6.7
Topped alone 19 143.7 14.4
Soloed 7 340.0 18.3