Silent But Deadly IV

a gunboat tournament, scored with Half-Tribute

Games: (hover/tap for scores)

SBD3-01: Aslan (Finished: S14)
SBD3-02: Bambi (Finished: F11)
SBD3-03: Babe (Finished: W14)
SBD3-04: Bojack Horseman (Finished: W13)
SBD3-05: Bugs Bunny (Finished: S26)
SBD3-06: Bunnicula (Finished: F17)
SBD3-07: Charlotte (Finished: F11)
SBD3-08: Cheshire Cat (Finished: S18)
SBD3-09: Dr. Cornelius (Finished: F26)
SBD3-10: Despereaux (Finished: F14)
SBD3-11: Mr. Ed (Finished: F15)
SBD3-12: Fantastic Mr. Fox (Finished: F22)
SBD3-13: Garfield (Finished: S22)
SBD3-14: Jiminy (Finished: S15)
SBD3-15: Kermit (Finished: S28)
SBD3-16: Nemo (Finished: S20)
SBD3-17: Peter Rabbit (Finished: W10)
SBD3-18: Simba (Finished: F10)
SBD3-19: Snowball (Finished: S17)
SBD3-20: Stuart Little (Finished: S17)
SBD3-21: Winnie the Pooh (Finished: S13)
SBD3-22: Yogi Bear (Finished: F15)


1Jake Trotta249.4
2Tommy Anderson175.4
3Carlos Treviño155.9
4Ali Adib144.2
5David Hood142.9
6David Miller135.7
7Jay Honnold128.2
8Wes Ketchum125.2
9Riaz Virani116.2
10Brian Ecton105.5
11Adam Silverman105.0
12Ed Sullivan103.7
13Roy Rink81.0
14Jason Mastbaum74.0
15Andy Bartalone71.0
16Joe Wheeler69.9
17Melinda Holley59.7
18Craig Mayr53.7
19Chris Brand33.0
20Alex Maslow27.7
21Ariel Mendez-Peñate26.7
22Eric Silverman16.0
Power Avg Solos Tops Elims Best Players
Austria 16.8 0 6.0 10 46.2 Jake Trotta
England 18.5 0 6.0 9 52.0 David Hood
France 14.2 0 4.0 9 45.0 Ali Adib
Germany 11.3 0 1.0 10 46.2 Ali Adib
Italy 10.2 1 1.0 13 100.0 Jake Trotta
Russia 7.4 0 1.0 13 27.5 Tommy Anderson
Turkey 21.6 1 3.0 3 100.0 David Miller
Result Count Avg Score Avg Centers
Eliminated 62 0.0 0.0
Soloed on 5 0.0 6.2
Survived 65 17.8 6.3
Topped alone 20 42.0 13.7
Soloed 2 100.0 18.5