Silent But Deadly III

a gunboat tournament, scored with Tribute

Games: (hover/tap for scores)

SBD3-01: Alien (Finished: S19)
SBD3-02: Aliens (Finished: S27)
SBD3-03: Apocalypse Now (Finished: S20)
SBD3-04: Carrie (Finished: F15)
SBD3-05: The Deer Hunter (Finished: S12)
SBD3-06: Dr. Strangelove (Finished: F14)
SBD3-07: The Exorcist (Finished: F11)
SBD3-08: The Fly (Finished: W22)
SBD3-09: Frankenstein (Finished: S13)
SBD3-10: Get Out (Finished: W17)
SBD3-11: Full Metal Jacket (Finished: W11)
SBD3-12: Godzilla (Finished: W12)
SBD3-13: Gremlins (Finished: F20)
SBD3-14: Halloween (Finished: S18)
SBD3-15: It Follows (Finished: S12)
SBD3-16: Jaws (Finished: S11)
SBD3-17: King Kong (Finished: F10)
SBD3-18: Misery (Finished: S22)
SBD3-19: Platoon (Finished: W16)
SBD3-20: Poltergeist (Finished: S09)
SBD3-21: Psycho (Finished: W12)
SBD3-22: Rosemary's Baby (Finished: F09)
SBD3-23: The Shining (Finished: F13)
SBD3-24: The Thing (Finished: W13)
SBD3-25: All About Eve (Finished: W14)


1David Hood241.7
2Ed Sullivan173.1
3Chris Brown170.7
4Chris Martin166.6
5Carlos Treviño150.2
6Riaz Virani136.7
7Jason Mastbaum127.7
8Brian Ecton120.5
9Eric Silverman118.5
10Ali Adib111.9
11Markus Ziljstra108.9
12Andy Bartalone103.9
13Roy Rink99.7
14Chris Brand98.2
15Ariel Mendez-Peñate96.2
16Wes Ketchum93.0
17Joe Wheeler87.4
18Tommy Anderson72.4
19Adam Silverman63.4
20Steven Hogue53.4
21Craig Mayr36.4
22Sam Feldman24.0
23David Miller20.4
24Zach Moore19.9
25Alex Maslow5.2
Power Avg Solos Tops Elims Best Players
Austria 8.1 0 2.0 14 58.5 David Hood
England 2.7 0 0.0 20 16.2 Steven Hogue
France 25.6 2 7.5 7 100.0 Eric Silverman, David Hood
Germany 20.5 0 6.5 10 74.2 Ali Adib
Italy 8.5 0 1.0 13 42.5 Brian Ecton
Russia 15.1 2 3.0 12 100.0 Chris Brown, Jason Mastbaum
Turkey 19.5 1 5.0 9 100.0 Riaz Virani
Result Count Avg Score Avg Centers
Eliminated 73 0.0 0.0
Soloed on 12 0.0 6.5
Survived 64 14.3 6.3
Shared top (2) 2 26.7 9.0
Topped alone 19 54.2 13.8
Soloed 5 100.0 18.4