Paid Members

This page lists the Weasels who have paid dues during the current Windy City Weasels season. Dues paying Weasels are eligible for club awards, can qualify for the Weasel Royale club championship game, may vote in club elections and run for office, receive discounted fees for Windy City Weasel tournaments, and help to offset the costs of the Windy City Weasel Meetup site and website. 

2024 Season

NameDate PaidSource
Chris Brown9/15/2022PayPal
Bryan Pravel1/15/2023PayPal
Wes Ketchum2/22/2023PayPal
Tony Prokes6/28/2023PayPal
Brandon Fogel9/22/2023PayPal
Chris Kelly9/30/2023PayPal
Tim Crosby12/13/2023PayPal

2021, 2022, and 2023 Seasons

NameDate PaidSource
Kevin O’Kelly12/5/2020PayPal
Bryan Pravel12/8/2020PayPal
Timothy Crosby1/11/2021PayPal
Brandon Fogel1/14/2021PayPal
Wesley Ketchum1/16/2021PayPal
Nathaniel Shafer1/21/2021PayPal
JJ Raymond4/27/2021Venmo
Chris Brown6/9/2021PayPal
Ty Floyd6/9/2021PayPal
Cori Neslund7/12/2021PayPal
Tony Prokes7/24/2021PayPal
Jens Forsgaard9/5/2021PayPal
Rony Mordvinov12/15/2021PayPayl
Chris Kelly6/10/2022PayPal
Don Glass9/17/2022PayPal
Ben Kellman1/15/2023PayPal
Ethan Stocking-Anderson 1/15/2023PayPal
Michael Whitty1/15/2023PayPal
Wes Ketchum2/22/2023PayPal
Cody Greene9/30/2023PayPal
Robert Chase12/5/2023PayPal
Tony Riedel12/13/2023PayPal