OpenTribute Variant

OpenTribute is an experimental variation of the Tribute scoring system.  The primary goals for this variation are to remove the incentive to eliminate other players and increase differentiation among non-topping players relative to the board-topper, while maintaining good board-topping and survival incentives.

In this variation, players receive 34 points plus 3 points per supply center, and they pay the board-topper 1 point in tribute per supply center they are behind the topper:

Score = 34 + 3 × centers ± tribute

In this variation, eliminated players do not get to keep their remaining points — after the tribute is paid, the remainder is considered spoiled and removed from the game.  Note that, unlike in original Tribute and Semitribute, larger powers pay less tribute than smaller powers.

If the board-top is shared, then the tribute is divided by the number of toppers before being split among them.  If n players share the top, they split 1/n of the collected tribute, so that each receives 1/n2 of what a lone topper would have received.  This rest is considered spoiled and is not returned to the other players.

Once all neutrals have been claimed, the score calculations simplify:

    • Lone board-toppers: 10 × centers
    • Non-topping survivors: 34 + 4 × centers – toppercenters
    • Eliminated players: 0
In the event of a solo, the soloist receives 340 points (10×34) and all other players receive 0.