OpenTribute Comparison

OpenTribute has a turnable knob: the number of points per supply center.  This mainly alters the relative values of topping vs. the others.  A higher ppc means a lower board-top incentive and a slightly lower survival incentive.  The main beneficiaries are larger powers that don’t top, like a close 2nd place.

In OpenTribute, all players receive 34 points plus C pts per supply center.  Elimination costs 17 points, and all players pay the board-topper 1 pt in tribute per supply center they are behind the topper.

Once all neutrals have been claimed, most score calculations become simple:

    • Lone board-toppers: (C+7) * centers
    • Non-topping survivors: 34 + (C+1) * centers – toppercenters
    • Eliminated players: 17 – toppercenters
The value of a solo should depend on C.  A reasonable choice would be 34*(C+6), which is 7 times the overall average.

To see the differences between these variations most clearly, look at boards where the topper tops by only 1 center and there is a survivor with only 1 center.
Shared toppers split of the tribute. The rest is spoiled.