Den of Records

The Den of Records preserves the history of the Windy City Weasels and celebrates the players and leaders who have made the Weasels one of the premier Diplomacy clubs in the world. Celebrate the game you love!


The Alpha Weasel is the highest honor in club Diplomacy in a Tournament setting, given to the winner of the Weasel Moot. The following legends have received the honor of being called Alpha Weasel.

Weasel MootYearPlayer
XVII2023Adam Silverman
XVI2022Seren Kwok
XV2021Russ Dennis
XIV2020John Anderson
XIII2019Zachary Moore
XII2018Eric Grinnell
XI2017Mike French
X – WDC2016Chris Brand
IX2015Peter McNamara
VIII2014John Gramila
VII2013Chris Martin
VI – WDC2012Doc Binder
V2011Chris Martin
IV2010Peter Yeargin
III2009Matt Sundstrom
II2008Nick Rohn
I2007Chris Martin

League Awards

League awards are given out at the end of every season. With the exception of the Amanda Baumgartner Rookie of the Year award, only dues paying club members may qualify for these awards. 

Weasel Royale League Champions

The seven dues-paying Weasels with the highest league scores qualify for a championship game known as the Weasel Royale. The winner of this game is recognized as that season’s champion. Here are the Weasels that have won the Weasel Royale League Championship game.

162023Brandon Fogel4thEnglandFogel Wins Back-To-Back Titles
152022Brandon Fogel3rdRussiaFogel Wins Royale 15
142021Sabrina (Sabi) Ahuja3rdItalyAhuja Wins Royale 14
132020Brandon Fogel1stTurkeyFogel Wins Royale 13
122019Cori Neslund4thItalyThe Monster Mash
112018Ali Adib7thAustriaAli, Bomaye!
102017Brandon Fogel1stRussiaBrandon the Builder
92016Matt Sundstrom6thTurkey#WhoDoWeBlame?
82015Jim O’Kelley3rdRussiaJim the White!
72014Matt Sundstrom2ndTurkeyAlternate Reality
62013Josh Heffernan4thGermanyThere came a demon from the East
52012Nate Cockerill4thAustriaCockerill gets ’em all
42011Peter Yeargin1stFranceThird time the charm for Yeargin
32010Jim O’Kelley4thRussiaJim O’Kelley wins Weasel Royale 2010!
22009Paul Pignotti4thTurkeyPignotti Wins Royale
12008John Susoreny6thAustria

Weasel of the Year

The Weasel with the highest overall league score is recognized as that season’s “Weasel of the Year.” Here are the Weasels that have won the Weasel of the Year award. 

SeasonCompleted inWeasel of the Year
182023Timothy Crosby
172022Timothy Crosby
162021Wes Ketchum
152020Brandon Fogel
142019Chris Kelly
132018Brandon Fogel
122017Brandon Fogel
112016Brandon Fogel
102015Matt Sundstrom
92014Nate Cockerill
82013Nate Cockerill
72012Jim O’Kelley
62011Peter Yeargin
52010Matt Sundstrom
42009Peter Yeargin
32008Matt Sundstrom
22007Eric Brown
12006Christian Kline

Barroom Brawl

Barroom games are an important part of Weasel club play. Beginning in 2013 the Windy City Weasels began tracking games that used Barroom timing as a separate type of game. At the end of each season, the seven Weasels with the highest game scores from Barroom games qualify for the Barroom Brawl. The winner of this game wins Cockerill’s Orb in honor of longtime Weasel Nate Cockerill who passed in 2015 after a courageous battle with cancer. 

2018Christian Kline2ndEngland
2017Jake Trotta2ndItaly
2016Jake Trotta2ndGermany
2015Chris Kelly6thItaly
2014Chris Kelly3rdEngland
2013Jim O’Kelley5thTurkey

Amanda Baumgartner Rookie of the Year

The Amanda Baumgartner Rookie of the Year award recognizes the first time player who had the biggest positive impact on the club. The award is named for Amanda Baumgartner, a former Rookie of the Year who passed in 2016. This is the only league award that does can be awarded to a player that has not paid dues. 

SeasonRookie of the Year
2021Sabrina (Sabi) Ahuja
2020Wes Ketchum
2019Cori Neslund
2018Ravi Betzig
2017Gus Spelman
2016Jake Trotta
2015Ali Adib
2014Jack Sundstrom
2013Kevin O’Kelley
2012Carlos Otero
2011Mark Weiskircher
2010Amanda Baumgartner
2009Ted McClelland
2008Andrew Pavlis
2007Erica Alemdar

Best Country

The Best Country award is given Weasel with the highest individual game score for each Power. Each Weasel may receive only one Best Country award per year. 


2018AustriaBrandon FogelSolo
2018EnglandKevin O’Kelly17-center board top
2018FranceChristian Kline11-center board top
2018GermanyMatt SundstromNine-center shared board top
2018ItalyEamon DriscollNine-center shared board top
2018RussiaJake Trotta10-center board top
2018TurkeyJake Langenfeld12-center board top
2017AustriaMick Johnson14-center board top
2017EnglandChris Kelly11-center second
2017FranceAli Adib12-center board top
2017GermanyBrandon Fogel17-center board top
2017ItalyJake Trotta16-center board top
2017RussiaJosh Heffernan13-center board top
2017TurkeyBrian Shelden14-center board top
2016AustriaBrian SheldenNine-center board top
2016EnglandChris Kelly10-center board top
2016FranceChristian Kline15-center board top
2016GermanyBrandon Fogel11-center board top
2016ItalyJim O’Kelley12-center board top
2016RussiaMatt Sundstrom12-center board top
2016TurkeyJohn Gramila10-center board top
2015AustriaChristian Kline10-center board top
2015EnglandMike Morrison16-center board top
2015FranceJim O’Kelley13-center board top
2015GermanyMatt Sundstrom15-center board top
2015ItalyAli Adib10-center board top
2015RussiaBrian BeckNine-center board top
2015TurkeyDon Glass12-center board top
2014AustriaMike Morrison12-center board top
2014EnglandNate CockerillSolo
2014FranceJim O’Kelley12-center board top
2014GermanyTony ProkesNine-center board top
2014ItalyDavid St. John17-center board top
2014RussiaMatt Sundstrom14-center board top
2014TurkeyJohn Gramila13-center board top
2013AustriaBrad Harrington16-center board top
2013EnglandBen DiPaola15-center board top
2013FranceNate Cockerill14-center board top
2013GermanyMatt Sundstrom12-center board top
2013ItalyJim O’Kelley10-center board top
2013RussiaChristian Kline12-center board top
2013TurkeyMark Weiskircher10-center board top
2012AustriaJohn Gramila11 centers
2012EnglandMike Morrison14-center board top
2012FranceJim O’Kelley10-center board top
2012GermanyDon Glass14-center board top
2012ItalyPeter Lokken15-center board top
2012RussiaKevin O’Kelly16-center board top
2012TurkeyCarlos Oteroeight-center board top
2011AustriaNate Cockerill17-center board top
2011EnglandJohn GramilaSolo
2011FranceChristopher M. Davis12-center board top
2011GermanyJim O’Kelley14-center board top
2011ItalyMike Morrison10-center board top
2011RussiaPeter YearginSolo
2011TurkeyPeter Lokken14-center board top
2010AustriaGreg Duenow10-center board top
2010EnglandJohn Gramila16-center board top
2010FranceJim O’Kelley17-center shared board top
2010GermanyPete McNamara14-center board top
2010ItalyPeter Yeargin17-center shared board top
2010RussiaAdam BereySolo
2010TurkeyMatt SundstromSolo
2009AustriaMatt SundstromNine centers
2009EnglandPaul Pignotti13-center board top
2009FranceKevin O’Kelly10-center shared board top
2009GermanyJim O’Kelley13-center board top
2009ItalyChristian MacDonald12-center board top
2009RussiaPeter Yeargin14-center board top
2009TurkeyEric Brown14-center board top
2008AustriaGreg Duenow12-center five-way draw
2008EnglandMatt Sundstrom17-center 2-way draw
2008FranceAndrew Senner14-center three-way draw
2008GermanyPaul PignottiEight-center four-way draw
2008ItalyJeremiah PetersonNine-center six-way draw
2008RussiaChristian Kline14-center four-way draw
2008TurkeyJim O’Kelley16-center three-way draw
2007AustriaNick Rohn12-center three-way draw
2007EnglandJim O’KelleySolo
2007FranceJohn Ritz12-center three-way draw
2007GermanyFrance-May Martel11-center three-way draw
2007ItalyMarc PetersNine-center three-way draw
2007RussiaThom Comstock13-center three-way draw
2007TurkeyEric BrownSolo
2006AustriaNick Rohn15-center three-way draw
2006EnglandChristian KlineSolo
2006FranceEric Brown13-center two-way draw
2006GermanyJim O’Kelley11-center two-way draw
2006ItalyAndy LischettSix-center three-way draw
2006RussiaDan BurgessThree centers
2006TurkeyMarc PetersSolo


Best Recruiter

The Best Recruiter award recognizes the Weasel who recruited the most new Weasels in a season. 

SeasonBest RecuriterNew Weasels
2018Ali Adib and Mick Johnson3
2017Jake Trotta7

The Top Weasel

The Top Weasel award recognizes the Weasel with the most Board Tops in a season. 

SeasonTop WeaselBoard Tops
2020Ali Adib4
2019Chris Kelly4
2018Brandon Fogel4
2017Jake Trotta5.5
2016Brandon Fogel6.5
2015 Ali Adib, Brian Beck, and Don Glass2
2014Tony Prokes4.83
2013Nate Cockerill3.83
2012Nate Cockerill5
2011Peter Lokken7.5
2010Matt Sundstrom5
2009Christian MacDonald and Peter Yeargin3

Notable achievments

These achievements are not formal league awards but are significant enough to be recorded and celebrated by the club. 

Tournament Champions

This table recognizes every Weasel that has won a Tournament. 

Brandon FogelDBN Diplomat of the Year2022
Brandon FogelVDL Champion2022
Brandon FogelDixieCon2022
Christian KlineDixieCon (virtual)2020
Jim O’KelleyCODCon Open2018
Jim O’KelleyCODCon Open2017
Jake TrottaCODCon Open2016
Jim O’KelleyCarnage Accords2015
Matt SundstromCODCon Open2015
John GramilaCODCon Open2014
John GramilaWeasel Moot VIII2014
Chris MartinWeasel Moot VII2013
Nate CockerillNorth American Diplomacy Championship at Tempest in a Teapot2013
Matt SundstromCODCon Open2012
Chris MartinWeasel Moot V2011
Christian MacDonaldCODCon Open2011
Adam BereyKublaCon2010
Christopher M. DavisCODCon Open2010
Nick RohnBuckeye Game Fest2010
Peter YearginWeasel Moot IV2010
Peter YearginHuskyCon2010
Jim O’KelleyNational Block Party2009
Matt SundstromCODCon Open2009
Matt SundstromWeasel Moot III2009
Christian MacDonaldBuckeye Game Fest2008
Nick RohnWeasel Moot II2008
Chris MartinWeasel Moot I2007
Jim O’KelleyWACCon2006
Jim O’KelleyDixieCon2006


The table below lists every person that has soloed in Windy City Weasel league history. 

Cori NeslundWeasel Moot XIII, Round 2, Board 1April 272019TurkeyTournament
Jake TrottaWeasel Moot XIII, Round 1, Board 3April 272019FranceTournament
Zach MooreWeasel Moot XIII, Round 3, Board 1April 282019GermanyTournament
Brandon FogelLeague Game No. 374August 122018AustriaLeague
Jim O’Kelley2018 CODCon Open, Round 3, Board 1April 152018FranceTournament
Jim O’Kelley2017 CODCon Open, Round 3, Board 1April 92017TurkeyTournament
Mike FrenchWeasel Moot XI, Round 1, Board 2June 232017AustriaTournament
Andrew GoffWDC at Weasel Moot X, Round 2, Board 9June 242016ItalyTournament
Chris BrandWDC at Weasel Moot X, Round 3, Board 3June 252016ItalyTournament
Doug MooreWDC at Weasel Moot X, Round 3, Board 5June 252016FranceTournament
John GramilaWDC at Weasel Moot X, Round1, Board 5June 242016ItalyTournament
Nathan BarnesWDC at Weasel Moot X, Round 2, Board 6, June 242016FranceTournament
Matt Sundstrom2015 CODCon Open, Round 1, Board 3April 112015TurkeyTournament
The Australian Peter McNamaraWeasel Moot IX, Round 2, Board 1June 132015AustriaTournament
Chris MartinWeasel Moot VII, Round 2, Board 1June 222013FranceTournament
Jarred PotterWeasel Moot VII, Round 3, Board 4June 232013EnglandTournament
Nate CockerillLeague Game No. 222 (Bar Game!)September 252013EnglandLeague
The Australian Peter McNamara2013 CODCon Open, Round 1, Board 2April 202013AustriaTournament
Don ScheiflerWDC at Weasel Moot VI, Round 4, Board 9August 112012TurkeyTournament
Matt ShieldsWDC at Weasel Moot VI, Round 3, Board 3August 112012EnglandTournament
Matt Sundstrom2012 CODCon Open, Round 2, Board 1April 212012TurkeyTournament
Michael “Doc” BinderWDC at Weasel Moot VI, Round 3, Board 8August 112012FranceTournament
Michael “Doc” BinderWDC at Weasel Moot VI (WDC), Round 5, Board 7August 122012FranceTournament
Peter LokkenWDC at Weasel Moot VI, Round 2, Board 3August 102012GermanyTournament
Robert RousseWDC at Weasel Moot VI, Round 2, Board 7August 102012GermanyTournament
John GramilaLeague Game No. 143July 32011EnglandLeague
John GramilaWeasel Moot V, Round 1, Board 3September 92011TurkeyTournament
Christopher M. Davis2010 CODCon Open, Round 2, Board 2April 102010EnglandTournament
Matt SundstromLeague Game No. 99May 222010TurkeyLeague
Peter YearginLeague Game No. 112October 302010RussiaLeague
Thom Comstock2010 CODCon Open, Round 1, Board 3April 102010EnglandTournament
Adam BereyLeague Game No. 77October 252009RussiaLeague
Matt SundstromWeasel Moot III, Round 3, Board 1September 192009TurkeyTournament
Chris MartinWeasel Moot I, Round 2, Board 2June 102007ItalyTournament
Edi BirsanWeasel Moot I, Round 2, Board 4June 102007TurkeyTournament
Eric BrownLeague Game No. 17February 102007TurkeyLeague
Jim O’KelleyLeague Game No. 15January 62007EnglandLeague
Mike French2007 CODCon Open, Round 2, Board 3April 142007GermanyTournament
Christian KlineLeague Game No. 8August 122006EnglandLeague
Marc PetersLeague Game No. 5March 122006TurkeyLeague


Retired AWARDS

These are no longer awarded but have been documented to remember past successes.

Central Shuffle Champions

The Central Shuffle was played between 2008 and 2014. 

2014John Gramila
2013Chris Martin
2012Michael “Doc” Binder
2011Peter Yeargin
2010Dirk Knemeyer
2009Matt Sundstrom
2008Graham Woodring

Greg Duenow Club Service Award

The Greg Duenow Club Service Award was given to Greg Duenow for serving the club in extraordinary an exemplary fashion. You can read about his contributions here!