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Catch a cloud

In the latest Red Wednesday, Jay Honnold in Germany rode a Western Triple to his second board top of the season by artfully keeping his neighbors on all sides in…

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The Monster Mash

At Weasel Moot in 2019, attendee Jim Calabrese said of newcomer Cori Neslund, “We thought Cori was harmless. She’s a monster.”  She had taken the board by surprise and soloed as Turkey…

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Bloody Valentine

July's Red Wednesday was an entertaining, down-to-the-wire affair that saw four powers tied for the board-top entering 1905.  Newcomer Josh Valentine missed out on a lone board-top at the last…

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A Bunny Rises

New was old at June's Red Wednesday. Carlos Treviño, who has played with the Weasels on and off since 2015, scored his first ever board top in league play, smoothly…

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He Did(n’t) Expect the Spanish Inquistion
It's a moving target!

He Did(n’t) Expect the Spanish Inquistion

すももも ももも もものうちsumomomo momomo momonouchiPlums and peaches are both peaches.Japanese tongue twister SPECIAL REPORT He Did(n't) Expect the Spanish Inquisition Special Report: Roots from the Rutabaga Patch by M. F. "the Sledgehog"…

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Gozer Arrives

Last night found the Weasels and the Minnesota Diplomacy Club crossing streams and opening a portal to another dimension, from which emerged the Gozer of our times: reigning Bull Weasel…

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A Wes Rises in the East

Red Wednesdays continued with another hard-fought battle over video chat and Backstabbr.  Weasel rookie Wes Ketchum continued has rapid ascent up the league standings, taking over the top spot for…

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Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Our online-ftf series continued with 2 entertaining games.  In game #403 (see all the moves here), Ariel Mendez-Peñate scored a nice board top after a solid RT turned into an rT.…

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