And the Weasel Goes To…

The fifteenth annual Weasel Pyle was held Dec. 4 online via Discord and played through the Backstabbr system. After the smoke cleared from the last of the four boards including another Royale-deciding Last Chance Board, we held our Season XV awards ceremony. The Weasels went to…


Weasel of the Year: Brandon Fogel
Brandon Fogel reigns atop the Season standings for the 4th time, a Weasel club record. Fogel topped the first board of the season with the largest score of the year (Game 397). And after putting up another solid result in the third season game, he coasted to victory after holding off a hard-charging rookie in the season’s final game. In all, Brandon topped three of his 6 boards in a much slower year due to his considerable efforts in helping coordinate virtual diplomacy and the new Diplomacy Broadcast Network.

Rookie of the Year: Wes Ketchum
Ketchum finished the season second overall and scores the Amanda Baumgardner Rookie of the Year award. Ketchum put up a board top in his first board at the Pyle and a close 2nd on the Last Chance Board, but fell just 1.1 points behind Fogel for the top spot. It was the closest finish in the 15-year club history, eclipsing the next closest of 7.6 points from 2012.
Top Weasel: Ali Adib
Ali Adib finished the season with 4 shared/solo board tops.
Best Country Awards (Must be a paid-up member.)
Austria: Wes Ketchum, 50.43 points, Game No. 405.
England: Christian Kline, 53.00 points, Game No. 407.
France: Jay Honnold, 54.20 points, Game No. 398.
Germany: Kevin O’Kelly, 16.00 points, Game No. 415.
Italy: Brandon Fogel, 59.02 points, Game No. 397.
Russia: Carlos Treviño, 53.00 points, Game No. 408.
Turkey: Ali Adib, 54.20 points, Game No. 406.
Best Germany was decided via tiebreaker due to O’Kelly (9) having more supply centers than Eber Condrell (8).


The Sneak:
The 2020 elections for the Sneak included the regular election of 4 of the 7 total sneak members as well as special election to replace Mike Morrison who resigned last summer.

Bryan Pravel, Brandon Fogel, Christian Kline, and Kevin O’Kelly all ran unopposed for reelection for a 2-year term ending after the 2022 Season. Wes Ketchum ran unopposed for the special election and his term will end after the 2021 Season.

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