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Don Quixote and the Windmill

Penultimately, I would like to thank all the people, from Christian himself, to the other members of the Sneak (yes, both Christian and I are on the Sneak. It is a wonder we get anything done at all! Blame Brandon Fogel, Bryan Pravel, Cori Neslund, Kevin O’Kelly, Daniel Perlman) to David Hood, Chris Martin, Randy Lawrence-Hurt, Peter Yeargin, and Andrew Goff who all helped with this article.

Don’t blame them for the content of this article though! And of course, anyone else I am forgetting at the moment! The quantity and quality of the interview responses was astounding. I apologize for my very poor reporting skills that have made the results a confusing mess at best. I still haven’t found that rotten rutabaga!

The author is a struggling writer, for obvious reasons, I mean basically he can’t even put two words together without not making a lot of sense. He used to be an aspiring writer, which has always struck him as a much easier job.

“It didn’t surprise me to hear that Christian won the very first virtual DixieCon. He was always a shark on any board I played with him and someone to fear. I’m happy the world got a taste of what he can do.”

Peter Yeargin, former DixieCon champion, last weasel before Christian to win at DixieCon (multiple sources)

This article was written at the request of the Windy City Weasels’ Sneak (the ridiculous name for the governing committee) in order to occasion the first victory of a weasel at DixieCon since Peter Yeargin which was quite a while ago, and also in order to keep the struggling writer busy during quarantine.

It would only be fair of me to present Jim O’Kelley’s response to Peter Yeargin’s quote: “Peter Yeargin was a PTKSer by the time he won DixieCon! I was the last Weasel to win Dixiecon!” (PTKS stands for the Potomac Tea & Knife Society, the Weasels of D.C., if you will, although some say they are more like mongooses. Mongeese? Where’s Christian Kline when you need him?)

“…and I would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for that meddling Kline.”

Andrew Goff

Quick Diplomacy problem: England soloed. France tried to convince Turkey that Turkey was the one who threw the solo. Which country is being played by Christian Kline?

It’s tricky!


And finally, if you came to read about Diplomacy, you can stop reading now.

But if you came to read about rutabagas, you can read all about them in Carl Sandburg’s 1922 “Rootabaga Stories”.

(Wait, is that the correct spelling? I am fucked!
Now I have to go back and change all those?
There’s got to be some way to automate that!
Who’s the WordPress wizard again?
I think they stopped returning my calls!
And now all my thoughts are being recorded
here, and I can’t stop it! Wait, oh, there’s the ‘stop’ butt-)

Let’s start again. You can read about them in Carl Sandburg’s 1922 “Rootabaga Stories” which purports to contain:

Three Stories About the Finding of the Zigzag Railroad, the Pigs with Bibs On, the Circus Clown Ovens, the Village of Liver-and-Onions, the Village of Cream Puffs.

Rootabaga Stories, 1922

“Were you at that game at Jim O’Kelley’s when Mike Morrison brought that box of cream puffs and proceeded to demolish the board?”

“Never happened.”

Anonymous & a friend

Laroche is a fun character, isn’t he?

Valerie, Adaptation screenplay

Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.

Carl Sandburg

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  1. Mike Morrison

    I have been asked to elaborate a little on the game with Chris Davis I”m referring to, which some may well consider ancient history. It occurred at the 2010 CodCON tournament. The game ended shortly after Christian Kline and I agreed to throw Chris Davis a solo, but could not agree on which of us was the main culprit. For years after the game, all anyone who knew about it had to do in a game between us to pick an ally was to sidle up to one of us and say, “You remember when the other guy threw that solo?” Okay, I can’t say for sure that was true for Christian Kline. He’s probably a better player than that. But not I!

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