Dixiecon 34: Virtual Edition

North America's Longest Running Diplomacy Tournament Continues Virtually!

Dixiecon has been running since 1987 and even a pandemic won’t stop it from happening again this year. As with so many other areas of lives right now, the Diplomacy hobby has turned to technology to help the tournament continue during the Corona era. 

This year, Dixiecon will be a two round virtual event on Saturday, May 23 only.  The first round begins Saturday morning at 10am Eastern Time  / 9am Central Time with options for a staggered start times based on time zones.   The second round begins at 6pm Eastern Time / 5PM Central Time. Dixiecon will use Backstabbr to run the games similar to what we are doing for our club games. They plan to use 15 minute deadlines and allow players to decide among themselves the best way to communicate. 

Oh, it’s also free this year! 

Dixiecon 34

If you only can only attend one free online tournament with virtual sweet tea and barbecue, make it Dixiecon! Click the button below for more details.
Virtual Edition

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