Red Wednesdays: Sweatpants Edition

celebrities wearing sweatpants

Red Wednesdays continue during the Corona era with online play using BackstabrDiscord, and Zoom! Our next game is Wednesday, 5/13/20 at 6:30 PM. 

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Find out more about an upcoming event or article, talk smack before a game, brag about your board top, or most likely, ask what on earth your fellow Weasels were thinking!

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  1. Chris Kelly

    1901 instant analysis – France fends off the English southern opening by bouncing him in the Channel, then takes the Channel in the fall while still getting Belgium & Spain; combined with Germany bouncing England in the North Sea & building a second fleet, it looks like a G/F alliance with Russia willing to stand by and watch. In the south, Russia has let Austria into Galicia while butting heads with Turkey; that may be less ominous for Russia if Austria/Italy interrupt the R/T conflict with a Lepanto on Turkey. (Alternatively, Italy could try to go west before France gets too strong, leaving Austria to play Turkey & Russia against each other.)

    1902 – It’s Germany who decides to pre-empt France’s potential rise, slipping into Ruhr & Burgundy as France moves his units north against England. France’s counterattack in the fall is disastrous, as he not only surrenders Belgium but “forces” German A Burgundy to retreat to Paris (it could have chosen Marseilles, which is now threatened by Italy). Austria generously supports Russia into Rumania *and* lets Italy into Greece while taking Bulgaria for himself… the “Central Triple” is looking good at the moment.

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