They came to pay tribute

Four first-time players joined a few old hands to debut Tribute, a brand new scoring system developed by our very own club.

Game #398, played on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, at Red Lion in Chicago, ended in a five-way draw in 1905. This game is part of WCW League 15 (2020) and WCW Bar Room Brawl 8 (2020).
Austria(Johnathan Lorenc)0 centers0.000 points
England(Cori Neslund)0 centers0.000 points
France(Jay Honnold)13 centers54.200 points
Germany(Dan Perlman)4 centers10.200 points
Italy(Chuck Quinn)4 centers10.200 points
Russia(Christian Kline)12 centers18.200 points
Turkey(Gwen Neslund)1 centers7.200 points
1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17

The second game of the season saw four players make their Weasels debut. After much cajoling, Cori was finally able to get her sister, Gwen, to give Diplomacy a shot, while Johnathan, Chuck, and Jay are co-workers who have dabbled with Diplomacy on their own.  They found us through Meetup.

This game also featured the debut of a brand new scoring system, Tribute, developed by our very own club.  In Tribute scoring, surviving players get 1 point per supply center and split a pool of 66 points evenly, but they then have to pay tribute to the board-topper depending on his/her size, 1 point for every center 6.  The goal is to give all players incentive both to stay alive and to fight the board leader rather than each other.  We hope that this will create dynamic games where the lead changes regularly and everyone cares about every last supply center. 

Did Tribute encourage France to make a strong push for the board-top in the last year?  Did it encourage Turkey to fight for survival in the last two years?  Perhaps the players can add their thoughts below.


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  1. Mike Morrison

    This looks like an interesting game. I have a question though.

    Did Austria open with BUD s VIE to GAL? (Commonly referred to as a Cockeril-Hood Suicide Squad, CHSS for short. ) Because I believe that is well-known to be the best Austrian opening when you have Christian Kline in Russia!

    Your squeaky weasel.

  2. Jay Honnold

    If I remember correctly, Austria opened with Vie -> Gal, Bud -> Ser, and Tri -> Alb.

    I’m not sure if the score affected my desire to go for a board top, I think I just wanted to get a board top.
    I do feel that the score changes allowed me to potentially negotiate my way to a board top by having people turn their backs to me to face the initially strong Russia.

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