Just Deserts

It looked like the club’s first game at Relo’s Board Game and Dessert Cafe in Little Italy was destined to be a six-player variant. But then a bystander who happens to be a student of European military history bailed us out  and topped the board for her trouble.

Game No. 390, played at Relo’s on Taylor Street in Little Italy on June 24, ended by draw vote during the Fall 1906 turn in the following center counts:

Austria (Chris Kelly): 0; 0.000 points.
England (Bryan Pravel): 1; 0.391 points.
France (Shannon Cuppola): 10; 39.063 points.
Germany (Brandon Fogel): 4; 6.250 points.
Italy (Cori Neslund): 7; 19.141 points.
Russia (Carlos Trevino): 3; 3.516 points.
Turkey (Emily Fundis): 9; 31.641 points.

Fundis is a friend of Trevino’s, though you wouldn’t have known it from watching the game. She spent most of it lying to and stabbing him. It was her first game of Dip, but clearly she’s a quick study!

Cuppola, a ROTC whose currently taking a class on European military history, ascended in the west by timing her stabs perfectly.

The supply center chart is here. Check out the league standings here.

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