Moot XIII Results

Moot XIII featured 3 solos in 8 boards, a record for Moot when not doubling as WDC.  All were first-time soloists, including one playing in only her third ever face-to-face game.  The title of Alpha Weasel was taken by Zachary Moore, a first-time tournament winner. Zach topped two of his boards alone and shared a three-way top on his third.  Jake Trotta finished in 2nd place, with a solo, a board-top, and a 3rd place finish.  Cori Neslund, entering the tournament with only 2 face-to-face games under her belt, finished in 3rd place with a solo and an elimination.

In addition to the win, place, and show trophies, some players earned special awards for their distinctive play:

Icarus: Mike Morrison (R1 B1), for reaching nine centers as Germany by the end of 1906 and finishing with just two, with armies in Moscow and Armenia, when the game drew in Spring, 1915.
Best Stab: Cori Neslund (R2 B1), who engineered a 5-center stab on two allies at once in Fall 1904 on the way to a solo.
Care Bear: Christian Kline (R3 B1), for playing Renfield to Zachary Moore’s Dracula.
Honorable mention to Chris Kelly (R3 B2), for happily staying at 5 units or less as Turkey while Jake Trotta’s Russia grew to 10. 
War Is Hell: Jim Calabrese (R1 B1), for 6 consecutive years with no more than 2 centers. 

The best country awards went to the following:

Austria: Zachary Moore (R1 B1), 32.68
England: Kevin O’Kelly (R1 B2 ),  32.143
France: Jake Trotta (R1 B3), 100
Germany: Zachary Moore (R3 B1), 100
Italy: Christian Kline (R1 B1), 32.68
Russia: Jake Trotta (R3 B2), 36.765
Turkey: Cori Neslund (R2 B1), 100

Results, board pictures, and after-action reports for each game can be found here:

Round 1, Board 1
Round 1, Board 2
Round 1, Board 3 (AARs: France, Russia, Turkey)
Round 2, Board 1 (AARs: Austria, Turkey)
Round 2, Board 3 (AARs: Germany, Italy)

Round 3, Board 1 (AARs: Germany)

Round 3, Board 2 (AARs: France, Germany, Russia)

AARs should be sent to for posting.

Many interesting things were said at Moot XIII.  These were some of the most memorable:

Braden Lenz: “Jake, you’re looking a little thick with all of those centers.”
Jake Trotta: “That’s okay. It will work out for you later.”
Matt Sundstrom: “Jake, you you don’t want a target on your back.”
Jake Trotta: “Matt, we’re most comfortable with a target on our back!”
Cori Neslund: “Congratulations. You win the bro off!”
Tony Prokes: “I am playing Austria on one board and Russia on the other. I am bouncing in Galicia on both boards. I feel like I am basically bouncing myself.” 
Jake Trotta: “That’s my favorite way to play! Of course, I have like 18 different favorite ways to play. “
Kevin O’Kelly: “Your units have moved into sacred spaces…”
Braden Lenz: “Calling you my Jesus Christ Superstar is not implying that you are going to die!”
Kevin O’Kelly: “This is the Jim O’Kelley maneuver where we use five units to try and take StP.”
Braden Lenz: “Recent events have changed my world view.”
Tony Prokes: “I know that Jake needs to get yelled at.”
Tyler Waaler: “My problem is that I am too interesting to be good at this game”
Cori Neslund: “I am the reincarnation of Winston Churchill.”
Jake Trotta, after Cori’s solo in R2: “I don’t see any cigars and you aren’t drunk.”
Cori Neslund: “Whole 30 man…”
Jim Calabrese: “We thought Cori was harmless. She’s a monster.”

Here are the full results for the tournament:

  Player R1 R2 R3 Composite
1 Zachary Moore 32.68 40 100 172.68
2 Jake Trotta 100 14.4 36.765 151.165
3 Cori Neslund   100 0 100
4 Chris Kelly 32.68 28.829 9.191 70.7
5 Erik van Mechelen 0 25.6 29.779 55.379
6 Brandon Fogel 39.683 1.802   41.484
7 Tyler Waaler 0.397 10 23.529 33.926
8 Christian Kline 32.68 0 0 32.68
9 Kevin O`Kelly 32.143 0 0 32.143
10 Brian Shelden 0.327 28.829   29.156
11 Matt Sundstrom 0 22.072 0 22.072
12 Ali Adib 14.286 0   14.286
13 Tony Prokes   11.261 0 11.261
14 David Spanos 9.921     9.921
15 Dave Maletsky 0 7.207   7.207
16 Mike Morrison 1.307 0   1.307
17 James Calabrese 0.327 0 0.368 0.694
18 Dan Perlman 0 0 0.368 0.368
19 Matthias Moore 0 0 0 0
19 Brian MacWilliams 0 0 0 0
19 Braden Lenz 0 0   0
19 Jorge Zhang 0 0   0

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  1. Bryan Pravel

    Just a comment to point out there are AARs posted in the sub posts for each board. Check them out!

  2. Chris Kelly

    I’ll quibble slightly with my “Care Bear,” honorable mention. This is partly because, as Jake notes in his R3B2 AAR, I did attempt to stab him (after encouraging me to do it for a couple of turns, Austria changed his mind at the last minute about supporting me.)

    But more importantly, Christian went above and beyond any other claims to the award by helping Zach not just in R3 B1, but in R1 B1 as well — specifically, pressuring me to give up 4(!) centers so Zach could share in the three-way draw.

    I’ll try to put up AARs for both games this weekend.

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