Let it rain

Christian Kline walked into his first Weasels game–No. 3 way back in January 2006–like a gunslinger. Later that year, in August, the player known as The Scorpion soloed at the first Weasel Pyle to claim the very first Weasel of the Year title. (In its first installment, the Pyle was known as Weasel Moot; we wouldn’t attach that name to our premier tournament until the following summer.)

In 12 seasons since then, Kline hasn’t stopped shooting. But while he has finished on the podium in our tournaments, topped more than 23 percent of his league games, and won Best Country awards, a second major title eluded him. In fact, the drought dragged on for so long that some wondered whether The Scorpion was trying to fashion his Dip career into a more natural habitat.

And then Tuesday’s Bar Room Brawl Championship Game at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square happened.

The drought is now over. Let it rain.

The championship ended by draw vote during the Spring 1907 turn in the following center counts:

Austria (Bryan Pravel): 0; 0.000 points.
England (Christian Kline): 12; 44.172 points.
France (Kevin O’Kelly): 5; 7.669 points.
Germany (Chris Kelly): 0; 0.000 points.
Italy (Brandon Fogel): 2; 1.227 points.
Russia (Jim O’Kelley): 3; 2.761 points.
Turkey (Jake Langenfeld): 12; 44.172 points.

For the second straight year, the game was decided by the selection order tie-breaker. Langenfeld, the top seed, picked third. Kline, the second seed, picked fourth, and therefore was declared the Brawl Star. His name will be inscribed on Cockerill’s Orb, joining back-to-back two-time winners Chris Kelly and Jake Trotta, and inaugural winner Jim O’Kelley.

Interestingly, Kline is the third straight 2 seed to win the Brawl.

The supply center chart is here. Hopefully the players will share their thoughts in the comments section below.

Next up is Weasel Moot XII, September 1-2 at 400 East Randolph.

Kline will be there, gunning for another major.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley


    We have five major titles: Weasel of the Year, Bull Weasel (Royale champion), Brawl Star (Brawl champion), Alpha Weasel (Weasel Moot champion), and the insipidly named CODCon champion.

    Cockerill’s Orb is named for the late Nate Cockerill, author of the mythical bar game solo, regular at the Red Lion, and beloved friend and competitor. He died in August 2016 after a long battle with cancer. He was only 36.

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