Mooty Call

The following players have answered the summons for our 12th annual Weasel Moot, the club’s premier tournament. This year’s event will be September 1-2 at 400 East Randolph. For more information, click here. If your name should be on the list, let us know by commenting below or sending an email to Please do so quickly, as we need to submit an attendee list to building security.

An * denotes that the player has preregistered.

  1. Ali Adib*
  2. Andrew “Hunter” Katcher*
  3. Brad Blitstein
  4. Brandon Fogel
  5. Brian Shelden*
  6. Carlos Trevino
  7. Chris Glassburn*
  8. Chris Kelly*
  9. Chris Martin*
  10. Christian Kline
  11. CiCi DuBose*
  12. David Spanos
  13. Don Glass*
  14. Edward Tanner*
  15. Eric Brown
  16. Eric Grinnell
  17. Ericson Brown
  18. Grant Smith*
  19. James Calabrese*
  20. Jim O’Kelley*
  21. Jorge Zhang*
  22. Kevin O’Kelley*
  23. Kevin O’Kelly
  24. Matt Sundstrom*
  25. Mike Morrison
  26. Nick Rohn
  27. Paul Pignotti*
  28. Robert Coan
  29. Thaddaeus Struk*
  30. Tony Prokes*
  31. Tyrone Ferguson
  32. Zach Moore*

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