Oh hey folks. Been a while. How are things, what’s new? Let me just check the league standings real quick and…


This month’s bar game had a not-so-friendly reminder that diplomacy is a game where 7 players push blocks around a map of Europe for a few hours and in the end Brandon wins. Except this time it was by 75. Not a score of 75, his margin was 75. This vaults the Biggest Threat on Any Board to 198 points on the year, first in the league by a whopping 30 points. Game recaps incoming here.

Now, we have to give some credit where credit is due. Jim called the game a “batting practice fastball,” but herding cats for four hours is a damn tough job, even if they’re just kittens. Herding kittens to the highest non-solo score in league history is even more impressive. In fact, why don’t we make a list of all the impressive things BTOABrandon has accomplished this year:

  • First place in league and Brawl play
  • Highest non-solo score in history
  • The second highest league score in Weasel history… and highest without a solo
  • The highest combined league scores by one player from any two seasons
  • TWO best country scores in Weasel history
  • If we only counted Brandon’s top two German scores, he would still place 2nd in the league standings
  • If we only counted Brandon’s two Austria boards, he would still place 2nd in the league standings
  • 6 board tops or split tops in 16 games
  • Just one elimination

Truly, Brandon is putting in one of the most dominant performances in league history, rivaling Matt Sundstrom’s “3 best country CODCON,” Yeargin’s 200 point 2011, and Nate Cockerill’s bar game solo. Hats off to Brandon- be sure to congratulate him in whatever you see fit.


Fogel has essentially locked up Weasel of the Year- 2nd place Jake Trotta would need to drop a 70 and is not scheduled to play again this season, 3rd place Mick Johnson would need a solo… and everyone else would need a solo AND another result.

BUT slots 4-10 are separated by a mere 10 points, with a handful of other players within striking distances. With two games to play scheduled, the race for those coveted last four spots in Royale is extraordinarily close: any lone board top by a contender will likely secure a seat at the Royale.

Meanwhile, the Brawl is a bit more compact, with Brian Shelden, Jim O’Kelly, and Matt Sundstrom vying for the 7th slot, currently held by Matt Sundstrom. Our last game of the series (and last game pre-Pyle) is scheduled for August 9, sign up here.


After out-of-town dues paying Weasel Chris Martin held Best Russia for nearly the full season, Josh Heffernan hopped on his first board of the year and ran away with it. Check out the game recaps here.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]Now, we have to give some credit where credit is due. Jim called the game a “batting practice fastball,” but [/quote]
    Just to be clear, I didn’t call the game a “batting practice fastball.” I was referring to Brandon’s draw.

    When you get a fat pitch, you still have to hit it hard, and as I wrote, Brandon knocked it out of the park.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    Also, nothing is as impressive as the bar-game solo. Truly.

  3. Brandon Fogel

    I think both of you are ignoring the strength of the board. As I note in my AAR ([url][/url]), the board contained the 3rd and 4th players in the league standings plus an experienced player who had recently won Best Turkey at Moot (and was playing Turkey). These weren’t kittens.

  4. Brandon Fogel

    I should also point out that Jake is having an equally dominant season. Same number of lone tops (4), nearly the same top share (4.83 to 4.5). Plus he had 3 lone tops in a row. Someday we’ll figure out if that’s a record or not. And his top 2 scores would also be good for 2nd place on their own.

    1. Jake Trotta

      [quote name=”Brandon Fogel”]I should also point out that Jake is having an equally dominant season. [/quote]

      That 20 point standings gap says otherwise. As much as I hate the comparison, you’re at the Saban/ Meyer level, and I’m Harbaughing it over here.

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