Moot XI, Round 4, Board 2

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Round 4, Board 2

The game ended by time limit after Fall, 1908.

John Gramila
Chris Glassburn
Eric Grinnell
Jake Trotta
Bryan Pravel
Matt Sundstrom
Brian Shelden
A:John Gramila
E:Chris Glassburn
F:Eric Grinnell
G:Jake Trotta
I:Bryan Pravel 
R:Matt Sundstrom
T:Brian Shelden 

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  1. Jake Trotta

    Tough, tough, tough game for me, and honestly pretty difficult to evaluate my performance. On one hand, I could have gotten a better result… which would have moved me onto the top 7. On the other, look at the metagame incentives on this board.

    [b]Metagame death[/b]
    Germany (Me): Need more than 10 points to improve score. Big board top gets me on the podium.
    France (Grinnel): Owns best Germany, needs me to die. One place behind me, needs me to die.
    England (Glassburn): Owns best Italy. Needs strong France. As England, if you need a strong France, you want Germany to die.
    Russia (Matt Sundstrom): A couple spots back of me, needs me to die.
    EF jumped me. Russia worked with me, then turned at the worst moment and build STP (SC). Despite those circumstances, I recovered from 4 back to 6. But at the same time, I ended on two.

    [b]Why I lost[/b]
    I could have had a much better game if Italy doesn’t massively botch stabbing Austria and Turkey doesn’t misorder a stab of Russia. Because of those mistakes, I spent the whole game wedged between two giants- France and Russia. As Russia was falling, France stabbed me… and I made a mistake in allowing that to happen. I should have rebuilt a second fleet as soon as I had the chance. Also, as soon as Grinnel said “let’s pop your unit so you can rebuild,” I should have said “fuck no dude.” By allowing Grinnel to pop Belgium, he was able to take Holland, and that was (somewhat) all she wrote.

    [b]What I’m taking away[/b]
    01 and 02 was just EF lying to me… if no one wants to play ball, there’s not much you can do. But I really struggled in negotiation with France and England. With England, it seems there was just nothing I could do- he was stuck in his metagame. With France, I possibly could have made better pitches. I think I came in with too high of asking prices a couple of times. That being said, he ended up with all of England and North Sea before he supported me into anything, so it was a pretty one sided alliance.

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