Moot XI, Round 3, Board 3

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Round 3, Board 3

The game ended by draw vote in Spring, 1912.

Nick Rohn
Jake Trotta
Paul Pignotti
David Hafner
Matt Sundstrom
Melinda Holley
Ted McClelland
(Best Turkey)
A:Nick Rohn
E:Jake Trotta 
F:Paul Pignotti
G:David Hafner
I:Matt Sundstrom
R:Melinda Holley
T:Ted McClelland

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  1. Jake Trotta

    Hooray for boards I actually did well on. Loved the draw off the bat- Paul (France) and I are good buddies, (Germany) David’s got some good instincts and is a very dependable ally, and I had a great chat with Melinda Holley (Russia) before the round and felt confident we could work well together.

    My plan was to try to work with David against Paul, but if/when it didn’t work, flip Paul against David. This plan worked great- David ended up putting me into Sweden in exchange for Belgium, we kept Paul under wraps, and once I was in position, I was able to take Holland and gain Paul as an ally. Within a couple years, the board was 11-6-6-6-3-2 in my favor. Hell yes I take a draw there, hell no it would not have passed.

    Now, Paul had been an awesome ally in a second consecutive game. I had promise him we’ll get him to 7… and then kept getting dots while he didn’t. He wasn’t going to take a draw, but he wasn’t going to fight me. I had a couple opportunities to stab, but did not because I wanted to reward that loyalty. Did that cost me a 14 or so center board top? Yeah, probably. With Italy handing dots to Turkey to keep pace with me (and save his best England), and Russia siding with the east despite being gobbled up, my top ended up shrinking.

    Interestingly, Turkey asked for my advice about whether he should stab, and I told him yes, thinking that would cause the east to crumble. The fact that it didn’t crumble prevented EF from crossing the line and prevented me locking down best England.

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