Moot XI, Round 1, Board 4

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Round 1, Board 4

The game ended by draw vote in Spring, 1909.

A: Josh Heffernan
E: Jorge Zhang
F: Siobhan Nolen
G: Bryan Pravel
I: Geoff Serednesky
R: Megan Murphy
T: Jeff Goss
Josh Heffernan
Jorge Zhang
Siobhan Nolen
Bryan Pravel
Geoff Serednesky
Megan Murphy
Jeff Goss

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  1. Bryan Pravel

    This was one of those games that probably won’t win anyone a tournament but was a blast to play. From my perspective (Germany) neither the east or west could get their act together which was unfortunate for both sides because I think a strong 2 power alliance could have rolled this board. Eventually Josh (Austria) managed to unite the east which forces the west to work together and form the line. The balance of power was extremely fragile so no one in the west felt they could stab without causing someone in the east to explode. The game devolved into two extremely fragile coalitions that pushed as far along the line as possible and then (after two failed attempts) drew the game.

    My score was not great but I felt it was pretty reflective of the quality of my play.

    The real winner is that I think most players enjoyed themselves. There was a lot of laughing and good natured teasing. In some ways, a balance of power game like this is Diplomacy at its best. #siostabbedfirst

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