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Did you miss me? Notice anything different about me? Shout out to the dream team of Pravel, Shelden, Fogel, and O’Kelley for fixing the website and turning this once ugly duckling into the beautiful swan it is today. Let’s see what this bodacious bod can do.


We’ve had three boards this December, two won by new friends Nicole Campbell and Gudrun Juffer, the one a thriller pulled out by venerable Prime Weasel and lying bastard Brian Shelden. No word on if the game at Gramila’s resulted in any shirtless, bearded rice pudding selfies. If you haven’t heard that story, you absolutely need to ask Gramila.

Anyways, check out the recaps. Honestly, they’re directly below this post, so I’m going to go ahead and trust you to scroll on down and check em out.   


That’s right folks, there’s an extra bar game on the 28th at the Red Lion. Swing by at 630 for the SANTA CLAUSE SELECTION ORDER, booze, and general holiday merriment. Peter Lokken will be swinging by. Also my kid brother will be there because it just wouldn’t be the holidays without some family infighting.

Sign up here. Also, check the lineup. Sure to be some fireworks-is there an alliance player on that board?

Hit the jump for a full stockingsworth of Weasel updates.


That’s right folks, the Wise Old Weasel: Turkey has some comments rolling in. Learn how to best take down Russian diplomats here. (Too soon?) 


Speaking of Wise Old Weasel, we’ll be rigging up the Wise Old Weasel: Russia next week, because the cold of winter. As many of you know, this club hates Russia. We may be weasels, but we’re all damn fine Americans. Prepare yourselves, comrades.

Imagine that you are a child, say six years old. It’s Christmas morning. You wait anxiously on the top of the stairs, squirming to see the slightest glimpse of what waits beneath the tree. Your parents take so many photos with you, only making you more excited and agitated. Finally, you just can’t take it anymore-the stairs fly beneath your feet, heart pounding. Wood slides beneath the onesie footies covering your feet, and you dive at the first gift you see. Papers tear aside and a bow lands near the fireplace. This is it-the moment you’ve dreamed of, the best morning of the year! Finally you open that first box…

And see a dead puppy. Because you didn’t pay your dues.

Save the puppies. Save Christmas.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]Shout out to the dream team of Pravel, Shelden, Fogel, and O’Kelley for fixing the website[/quote]
    My contributions were modest. After finally accepting that Mr. Gramila wasn’t going to finish the job he started in May–of 2015!–I assembled the dream team of Pravel, Shelden and Fogel. Then I got out of the way.

    The new site looks awesome and will continue to get better as the real dream team adds widgets and new features.

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