The Weekly Weasel Brings Integrity to Washington — Week of TEMPEST

 Welcome to the Weekly Weasel, which this week is the unofficial Tempest hype thread.


Five brave weasels of good standing and stately demeanor voyage to our nation’s capital this week. Four of the new guard will be roadtripping and making a monumental first appearance at Tempest. The venerable Prime Weasel Brian Shelden, by the power entrusted to him by Weasels and credit card miles, will be flying. The scheming starts Friday-should be an excellent weekend of stabs and songs (spoilers for the team round). We’ll be sure to post recaps of our experiences. Also, if anybody knows of something to do in Cleveland on a Thursday night, seriously hit up the comment section. 

I’m serious about the Cleveland thing. Ohio is the WORST. We’re desperate.


(update: it will apparently be more fashionably late. Look out for this next week)


As we mentioned whenever this was last posted, tomorrow we will be discussing the play of Germany within the club. Some statistics will be provided to tee up your strategic insights on the Fatherland. Out of towners/ friends of the Weasels are more than welcome to chime in. In the spirit of both Columbus Day and Octoberfest, your writer will discuss the importance of the Italian-German alliance. Looking forward to hearing all your awesome ideas on Germany.




Game 313 recaps are starting to come in (including mine later.) Click here to read all about the rookie board-topper, drama between veterans, and how an Austria-Italy managed to break up without breaking up. That’s right folks, I stabbed my girlfriend in diplomacy. I’ve truly gone full weasel, and you can read all about it here.



The undercard is in just under 2 weeks. We’ve got 3 spots available for what is a tremendously well-catered and fun game. Sign up here.



We’re at 10 for Red Wednesday on October 12. Let’s make it happen folks. Sign up here.


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  1. Bryan Pravel

    Update from Tempest day 1. There were 5 boards and Weasels were featured on 3 of them. Jake leads the Weasels in score with a 9 center England that should place him in at least 4th place overall. Brian Sheldon shared the board and had less luck with a one dot survival as Austria. Brandon finished with a five center Germany. Bryan Pravel was not so lucky and ferociously defended his Turkish home centers until he was overwhelmed by the combined military powers of all three of his neighbors in 1906. Similarly, Carlos was also eliminated by his treacherous neighbors as Turkey in 1906 on his board.

  2. Bryan Pravel

    Tempest Day 2

    Carlos bravely defended himself from an Austrian stab and survived as a one center Italy.

    Brian and Bryan: There can only be one. The trend that Bryan and Brian cannot ally continued. Featuring fantastic Weasel on Weasel violence, Bryan reached 8 as Germany, eliminated Brian’s Germany, and then got stuck at the line fighting Russia and Austria and ended on 6.

    Brandon and Jake: In a grueling 8 hour game where it might have been better to be eliminated early than survive to the end, the Weasels fought, made up, stalled, and then threw a solo together. An epic after action report will be coming soon.

  3. Bryan Pravel

    By way of throwing the solo, it may very well end up that the Weasels are bringing change to Washington. Weirdly the change we appear to support is Andy Bartalone.

  4. Bryan Pravel

    Tempest Day 3

    Having lulled the competition into a false sense of security (and likely the fear of the Weasel battle hymn that came later in the day), the Weasels had a stronger showing on day 3.

    Brian Sheldon and Brandon Fogel: Sheldon topped the board with a 13 center France that could easily have been a solo if the game had not gone to time. Despite bar game style land grab shenanigans, Brandon Fogel managed to end with a 9 center Austria.

    Carlos: Carlos showed Weasel wisdom and picked an ally in Chris Martin who had more interest in stopping Andy Bartalone from soloing than personal success. He ended in second to Chris Martin’s England with an 8 center France.

    Jake Trotta: Jake showed Weasel graciousness by selflessly sacrificing his Italian centers for the enjoyment of the other players and was eliminated early.

    Bryan Pravel: Finding fabulous friends in Germany and Italy, Bryan pitched the Central Triple and ended in second with an 8 center Austria.

    Tournament director and former Weasel Peter Yeargin should have won best stab of the tournament by accidentally implying Brandon Fogel won best Austria when in fact the award had been won by Dave Maletsky. Following the model set by Jake, Brandon showed Weasel graciousness and took it all in stride. Jake took home the Weasels only trophy. In a weekend with many horrible stabs, Jake’s decision to throw a solo to Andy Bartalone to preserve a best England he no longer owned was the best bad stab of the weekend. For this distinction Jake was awarded the coveted rusty dagger.

    The Weasels said farewell by striking the regimental choir and singing the Weasel battle hymn. This will be remembered by all (and probably end up on twitter). Overall, a great time was had by all.

  5. Brian Shelden

    [quote name=”Bryan Pravel”]Tempest Day 2

    Brian and Bryan: There can only be one. The trend that Bryan and Brian cannot ally continued. Featuring fantastic Weasel on Weasel violence, Bryan reached 8 as Germany, eliminated Brian’s [England], and then got stuck at the line fighting Russia and Austria and ended on 6.

    Yes, sadly, there still has been no B&B…only AirBnB’s. Bryan’s stab was well timed, and when Matt (F) and Bryan decided to do the late-forming SeaLion, wow did I guess badly. Both convoys arrived in Yorkshire and Wales; and I went from 3 to 0 in one year flat.

  6. Brian Shelden

    [quote name=”Bryan Pravel”]Tempest Day 3

    Brian Shelden and Brandon Fogel: Shelden topped the board with a 13 center France that could easily have been a solo if the game had not gone to time.


    I don’t know about [i]easily[/i], but it would have been worth a shot. Brandon looked like he was going to run away with the East….meanwhile F & I got just enough dots from England for me to swing into the med. Fortunately for me, eventual Champ Jeff Ladd (I) was out of position when I turned that way.

    Jeff didn’t believe me when I said I came to put pressure on Brandon (which was true board-wise…but tactically I could only really do so by going through Italy), and he fought valiantly while being fed from dots in Turkey.

    It was a fun game that would be been more interesting full-length.

  7. Bryan Pravel

    The results for Tempest are in. As a group we Weasels had a respectable showing. In proper deference to our newly elected Prime Weasel, Brian Sheldon took his place as best Weasel at the tournament with 10th place overall. Sheldon’s favorite short term alliance partner Bryan Pravel was second with 13th place. Brandon Fogel helped Brian Sheldon take his rightful place at the top, and took 14th place. Trying to protect his best England and earning the rusty dagger in the process, Jake Trotta threw his first solo and earned 16th place. Carlos Trevino just missed the top 3 boards and finished 23rd.

    Full results here:

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