The Weekly Weasel Grows Wiser — Week of 9/21

What’s up guys? Lots of fun news this week, had an excellent start to our brawl season with 5 newbies attending.

Da roof. Da Bears. Daaaaaplomacy.

Sunday at 11 your writer is hosting a house game in Lakeshore East. There will be gorgeous views of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier, a case of 312, and all sorts of stabbing and general merriment. It’s going to be awesome. 

We are currently at 9, if we get to 12 we can play 2 boards. Sign up here.




Opening night at the Red Lion was a success, with 2 boards, 5 new players, and 9 wonderful recaps from our players which you can check out here.

Games sign up. Pay your dues.


Think about a Weasel for a moment. What do you think of? Ferocity. Deceit. Numerous Big Ten mascots. But they’re also quite wise, despite making the occasional irrational choice (like not working with your writer, a known friend and trusted ally). So once a month, we are going to tap into that wisdom and discuss tips for each country and other fun topics. The WEASEL WISDOM: GERMANY will appear on the site later this week, so think about any tips you may give new players about Germany. Any and all insight will be welcome in the comments section of that post.




Sept: Germany (because Oktoberfest is technically in September)

Oct: Italy (because Columbus Day)

November: Turkey (can you guess why?)

December: Russia (because the cold of winter)

January: Austria (the country that started it all … and the new year)

February: France (city of love, Valentine’s day, makes sense right?)

March: England (it’s the last country left)

April: Stabs (because Aprils fools I guess?)

May: Alliance Structures (because rhyme scheme)

June: Janissarying (alliteration)

July: Solos (in the spirit of Independence day)

August: Negotiation and metagaming (end of year, so I’m sure we’ll have some)


Join the discussion!

Find out more about an upcoming event or article, talk smack before a game, brag about your board top, or most likely, ask what on earth your fellow Weasels were thinking!

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  1. Bryan Pravel

    1. Great idea to have a place to store Weasel “wisdom”.
    2. The fact that you have a plan on what the topics should be is impressive.
    3. The fact that you have justification as to *when* you are posting said topics and essentially make them seasonal is hilarious.

    I am looking forward to this.

  2. Jake Trotta

    [quote name=”Bryan Pravel”]
    3. The fact that you have justification as to *when* you are posting said topics and essentially make them seasonal is hilarious.

    I am looking forward to this.[/quote]

    Update- May Alliance structures is now “because they May or May not work”

    No idea why I thought that rhymed.

  3. Jim O'Kelley

    [quote]No idea why I thought that rhymed. [/quote]
    Yah, that was a head-scratcher, but I figured, “He went to Michigan. I guess it rhymes.”

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