The Weekly Weasel Stands For Aleppo — Week of 9/12

2017 season kicked off last week, Bar Room Brawl starts on Wednesday. Let’s get to it.



Brawwwwwwwwwwl yeah. Wednesday marks our first bar game-and it’s gonna be a big one. 2 boards! We’re at 15 players now, but a couple players have mentioned that they would prefer to sit and coach newbies. One hop at this time (6:30pm) over to the Red Lion this Wednesday, 9/14.  It’s about to get funky. 


We have not one, but two skyrise games in the comparatively near future for you folks. First, your writer is hosting a rooftop game in the Loop at 11am on Sunday, September 25th. We’re hoping for an all newbie board, so this is a great one to invite your one friend you won’t stop talking about diplomacy to. Then November 12 at 1pm, WCW cowriter and favorite sweater Bryan Pravel is hosting in his lovely River North apartment. Hit the games signup below for more.



Last week brought our first game of the season, where we were reminded diplomacy is a game where seven players push blocks around a map of Europe for four hours and in the end Brandon wins. For more salty commentary and game recaps, hit here.



Our Weasel Royale and Bar Room Brawl Title Bout dates have been set! Dan Burgess will crown a Bull Weasel in his home on October 16 at 1pm. Sign up today for the undercard! One month later, the first Cockerill Cup Champion and winner of the Bar Room Brawl will be crowned November 16 at 6pm at the Red Lion.


That’s it for our pun-game strong Weekly Weasel. Pay your dues here. Sign up for games here. Give us a shout if there’s any content you’d like to see on the site.

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