Diplomat on the Roof

No pogroms or arranged marriages. Just a good game of Diplomacy on a rooftop in Chicago’s swanky New East Side neighborhood. Plus football.

Diplomat on the Roof
When: Sept. 25 at 11 a.m. No set end time yet, but Jake hopes to wrap up in time for the Bears game at 7:30.
Where: Jake’s parents’ rooftop on Chicago’s New East Side. Exact address will be provided to the players.
What: One game of Diplomacy, outside on a rooftop, with great views of the city and football in the background.
  1. Jake Trotta
  2. Jake’s new recruit
  3. Dan Burgess
  4. Bryan Pravel
  5. Brian Shelden
  6. Jake’s +2
  7. Jake’s +3

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  1. Jake Trotta

    Got one more for sure and another maybe. This could go to 14 if we can scrounge up enough people.

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