The 2016 Bar Room Brawl Championship

Exactly one month after its ninth annual Weasel Royale club championship game, the club will hold its fourth annual Bar Room Brawl Championship. The Brawl championship will be November 16 beginning at 6 p.m. at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square, 4749 N Rockwell. Spectators are welcome, and if there’s sufficient interest, we’ll field an Undercard game.

This year, the seven contestants will vie for the new Cockerill Cup. Named for the late Nate Cockerill, our friend and former Prime Weasel, the Cockerill Cup will list every Brawl champion and will be on permanent display at the Red Lion. Nate was a Lion regular and introduced his home away from home to the Weasels in June 2012. The bar has been the official home of our popular Dip and Drinks events ever since. We introduced a standing Red Wednesday game on the second Wednesday of every month in September 2014.


The seven Brawlers will be:

  1. Brandon Fogel, 149.505 points, three games.
  2. Christian Kline, 99.571 points, three games.
  3. Jake Trotta, 97.726 points, three games.
  4. Brian Shelden, 81.450 points, three games.
  5. Jim O’Kelley, 79.898 points, three games.
  6. David Spanos, 72.930 points, three games.
  7. Matt Sundstrom, 71.600 points, three games.

All but Spanos will also participate in the Weasel Royale on October 16, which should make for an interesting dynamic.

The alternates are Geoff Serednesky (60.778 points in two games), Ali Adib (49.789 points in three games), and Zach Eddy (48.322 points in one game).

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