Throw the bums out!

Ironically, the only incumbent on the Sneak who survived the "Throw the bums out" purge* last weekend at the Weasel Pyle was the guy who occasionally shows up looking like a hobo. Even former Sneak member Kevin O’Kelly was rejected by the angry electorate.

Joining John Gramila on the Ninth Sneak will be Brian Shelden, the leading vote-getter who ran on a platform or experience–he served on the Potomac Tea & Knife Society board and also organized the New York City hobby years ago–and a pledge to help Jim O’Kelley lighten his workload; Brandon Fogel, who said he’d like to develop an app to help archive games; and Jake Trotta, who would like to work on the website.


Gramila, Fogel and Trotta all talked about growing and diversifying the player base, as well.

These four will all serve two-year terms. Also on the Sneak, with a year remaining on their terms, are Brian Beck, Don Glass and Jim O’Kelley.

The Ninth Sneak will meet soon to elect officers and set the agenda for the year.

* In fairness and kidding aside, Peter Lokken and Matt Sundstrom declined to run for reelection. Six candidates ran for the four open seats, with longtime Sneak member Dan Burgess and former member Kevin O’Kelly falling short in their bids. Both were happy and ready to serve but also just as happy to see new blood stepping forward to help run the club. Both have pledged to continue to do whatever they can to help.

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