Brawl over?

Brandon Fogel has posted a shared or outright board-top in the past three games in the Bar Room Brawl Series, overtaking Jake Trotta for the series lead with at least two dates remaining (July 13 and August 10). Fogel sits at 114.60; Trotta, 97.93.

Rounding out the top seven are: Christian Kline, 95.92; Jim O’Kelley, 79.90 points; David Spanos 72.93; Geoff Serednesky, 60.78; and Matt Sundstrom 51.03. Serednesky finished second in Wednesday’s game to crack the top seven and knock Zach Eddy (48.32) into eighth place. Serednesdky has scored two games; Eddy, one; and the others all have scored three.

With two dates on the schedule, a host of players remain in the hunt and anything could happen. Check out the complete standings here. A total of 37 players have played in the 12 games thus far. At the end of the season, the top seven Brawlers, based on best three scores and regardless of membership status, will be invited to compete for the 2016 Bar Room Brawl Championship.


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