Take me out to the Brawl game

The Bar Room Brawl standings are now current through Wednesday’s action at the Red Lion.  Jake Trotta and Christian Kline still hold the top two spots, despite not playing on Wednesday. Trotta has 97.73 points; Kline, 95.92.

Brandon Fogel’s shared board-top vaulted him into third place from seventh, at 88.06. Jim O’Kelley (79.90 points),  David Spanos (72.93), and Zach Eddy (48.32) each fell down a spot. Rounding out the top seven, also on the strength of the shared board-top, is Brian Shelden at 45.92. 

Eddy has logged one game; Shelden, two; and all the others have logged three, which is the max. 


Nipping at Shelden’s heels are Jake Langenfeld and Ali Adib. A pack of others are within striking distance of them. With four months left in the season, it’s a wide open contest.

Check out the complete standings here. A total of 35 players have played in the 10 games thus far. At the end of the season, the top seven Brawlers, based on best three scores and regardless of membership status, will be invited to compete for the 2016 Bar Room Brawl Championship.


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