Brawl in a night’s work

Last night’s game at the Red Lion shook up the leader board yet again. This time it was Christian Kline vaulting into first with his monster board-top. Previous leader Jake Trotta fell into second, but still padded his composite score with his strong second. The difference between the two is razor thin. Kline has 97.92 points; Trotta, 97.73. Both have scored three games. 

David Spanos fell to third place at 71.48 points in three games. Jim O’Kelley is in fourth with 54.38 points in three games. Rounding out the top seven are Zach Eddy, 48.32 points in just one game; Jake Langenfeld, with 44.72 points in one game; and Brandon Fogel, 43.99 in three games.

Check out the complete standings here. A total of 31 players have played in the series this year.


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  1. Jake Trotta

    Math seems to hate me this week.

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