Your dues-paying Weasels

Special thanks to the following Weasels for paying their dues. Dues help cover the costs of running our club, including this website, the Meetup page, and our annual club awards.

  1. Ali Adib
  2. Brad Harrington
  3. Brandon Fogel
  4. Brian Beck
  5. Brian Shelden
  6. Bryan Pravel
  7. Chris Kelly
  8. Chris Martin
  9. Chris Paxhia
  10. Christian Kline
  11. Craig Reges
  12. David Spanos
  13. Don Glass
  14. Eric Brown
  15. Jake Trotta
  16. Jim O’Kelley
  17. John Gramila
  18. Josh Heffernan
  19. Kevin O’Kelley
  20. Kevin O’Kelly
  21. Matt Sundstrom
  22. Mike Morrison
  23. Mike Whitty
  24. Nate Cockerill
  25. Nathaniel Olson
  26. Pete McNamara
  27. Peter Lokken
  28. Robert Rousse
  29. Tony Prokes

You can pay your dues here. If you’d prefer to send a check, email me at for my address. You can also give cash or a check to a member of the Sneak, though some are more trustworthy than others.

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