The kids are Brawl right

Through six games in the 2016 Bar Room Brawl Series, the leaderboard is nearly filled with fresh faces.

David Spanos continues to lead the pack with three tallies and a composite score of 59.91. In second is his new recruit Zach Eddy, who topped his first board ever last night. He has 48.32 points in just the one game. Jake Langenfeld, also on the the strength of last night’s board-top, is in third with 44.72 points.

Bunched behind them are Ali Adib (pictured, right), 43.34 points in two games; Brandon Fogel, 42.14 points in two games; and Jake Trotta, 41.06 points in three games.


Rounding out the top seven is veteran Christian Kline with 37.93 points in three games. Carlos Trevino (pictured, left) is eighth with 36.61 points in two games.)

Other than Kline, all of those players joined the club this season or last, and all but Adib, Fogel and Kline would be playing in their first championship game if the season were to end today. It doesn’t, however. There are a lot of bar games to be played, but so far, it looks like the kids are all right.

Check out the complete standings here. A total of 28 players have played in our bar games this year.

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