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Trotta! Trotta! Trotta!

Hard to say which is more rare, a Dan Burgess board-top or a game with three family members in it. For the title of this game report, I went with the latter. (The similarity to a movie title that takes its name from the Japanese code word for the Pearl Harbor attack is just a bonus.)

The club rang in the New Year with a short game at Matt Sundstrom’s home in Glenview on January 2. The game ended after the Fall 1904 turn in the following center counts:


Austria (Jake Trotta): 5; 11.468 points.
England (Ray Trotta): 6; 16.514 points.
France (Mike Morrison): 7; 22.477 points.
Germany (Ian Trotta): 5; 11.468 points.
Italy (Dan Burgess): 9; 37.156 points.
Russia (Matt Sundstrom): 1; 0.459 points.
Turkey (Chris Cantine): 1; 0.459 points.

Check out the supply center chart here.

Onward and upward.

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