An untimely storm

On Tuesday of last week, the outlook for our bonus bar game was good. We had eight players, and if we’ve learned anything from eight plus years of running bar games, it’s that it’s always good to have a safety. Alas, inclement weather stranded David Spanos in New Jersey, and then Patrick McReady, a new recruit from earlier in the month, failed to show up.

And just like that, instead of one too many, we were one too few.

So, for just the fourth time in club history, we played with six players, and for the second time, we used the Italian Roulette variant. That’s when each player submits orders for Italy, and one set is selected at random.

Game No. 287 ended by time limit after the Fall 1905 turn in the following center counts:

Austria (Don Glass): 5
England (Brandon Fogel): 8
France (Matt Sundstrom): 5
Germany (Ian Trotta): 3
Italy (Santa Claus): 0
Russia (Jake Trotta): 4
Turkey (Carlos Trevino): 9

Check out the supply center chart here.

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  1. Matt Sundstrom

    The Italian roulette variant is a good option when we run short. Makes you think differently about the game and may help your play overall. I’d suggest keeping games on the schedule if there is a chance to have seven and using this if it ends up short. That is the situation we we were in-seven were scheduled but only six showed.

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