Bar Room Brawl Championship Set

It took some doing, but it looks like we’ve settled on December 9 as the date for the 2015 Bar Room Brawl Championship Game. That’s a regular Red Wednesday night at the Red Lion, so we’re hoping to fill a board for that, as well.

The Brawl combatants will be:



  1. Ali Adib, 96.02 points (3 games scored)
  2. Matt Sundstrom, 84.39 points (3)
  3. Christian Kline, 81.33 points (3)
  4. Jim O’Kelley, 74.80 points (3)
  5. Scott Soren, 70.24 points (2)
  6. Brian Beck, 69.78 points (3)
  7. Nathaniel Olson, 62.81 points  (2)

The alternates are David St. John (52.37 in 2 games), Charlie Sweet  (44.49  in 1 game), Mike Esposito (39.32 in 3 games), Chris Kelly (35.13 in 3 games), and Brandon Fogel  (34.62 in 2 games).

Note that Nathaniel moved to Indonesia, Charlie lives in Milwaukee, and Mike moved to California, so we potentially could get pretty deep into the alternate list, which is why I included so many.

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