Bombs, blitzes and bounces

The Packers sacked Jay Cutler twice today. Rome fared slightly better. The Turks only got it once.

Brian Beck’s football-themed house game today in Morton Grove was a hit (the good kind, not the kind that leaves you laid out!). Our second game of the season and 281st overall ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn in the following center counts:


Austria (Ali Adib): 9; 30.224 points.
England (Brad Harrington): 1; 0.373 points.
France (Brian Beck): 11; 45.149 points.
Germany (Andre Dankha): 6; 13.433 points.
Italy (Don Glass): 0; 0.000 points.
Russia (David Spanos): 2; 1.493 points.
Turkey (Yash Niuam): 5; 9.328 points.

Check out the supply center chart here. Brian will post an endgame statement in the comments section below. Perhaps some of the other players will share their thoughts as well.

In the meantime, here are mine.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, we had 38 people play with us for the first time in Season 10. Season 11 is just two games old, and already six of them have played. (And by the way, we’ve had 14 unique players in our first two games, which is awesome. That’s exactly what we want to see when we hold two games in the same week.)

This time around, it was Ali Adib, Andre Dankha, David Spanos and Brian Beck. Brian joined the club in June and is already on the Sneak and hosting games. And David recruited his roommate, Yash Niuam, to play. Yash is our fourth new recruit so far this year and is also, I believe, the second Indian national to play with us. Andre, meanwhile, was one of Ali’s recruits last year.

So, the future is starting to look bright again. We’re bringing in lots of new faces, and they’re starting to host games and recruit for us.

The next game is a month away–October 14 at the Red Lion. Unless we work something in before then. Anyone else have the itch?

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  1. Brian Beck

    That’s actually not quite accurate–the Austrians never got Rome. In a weird A/T alliance, Turkey ended up with Rome and Naples while Austria got Venice and Tunis.

    It was a little surprising in this one that Andre in Germany managed to survive for 3rd place, when the opening moves were unusually anti-German: France and England apparently cooperating, Russia moving to Silesia, and Italy moving to Tyrolia. But Germany’s unusually passive opening moves turned out to work well in this game.

    Russia’s attack on Germany turned out to be over-ambitious when England, Austria, and Turkey attacked Russia’s weak flanks; in turn, England’s attack on Russia left him vulnerable to France at home.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    Fixed that reference. The article now refers to the Turks sacking Rome rather than the Austrians.

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