Three elected to Sneak

Not the least of business to conduct on a busy day in Wayne was the annual Sneak election. Three seats were up this year: the ones held by Nate Cockerill, who is no longer living in the area and is therefore ineligible to serve on the Sneak per the club’s by-laws; Don Glass; and Jim O’Kelley.

Both Glass and O’Kelley sought reelection and won in landslides. When the electronic ballots were distributed last week, there was no candidate for the third position. That quickly changed, however, as three candidates launched write-in campaigns: Kevin O’Kelly, a veteran of the First and Second Sneaks; Christian Kline, who has been playing with the club since Game No. 3 in January 2006; and newcomer Brian Beck.

All three garnered votes, but whereas O’Kelly and Kline were willing to serve if needed, Beck actually wanted the position. Therefore, his name found its way on to more ballots.


The members of the Eighth Sneak are:

  • Brian Beck
  • Dan Burgess
  • Don Glass
  • John Gramila
  • Peter Lokken
  • Jim O’Kelley
  • Matt Sundstrom

At the Weasel Royale on October 24, if not sooner, the Eighth Sneak will meet to elect officers for the year and set the club’s agenda. One matter for consideration prior to September 9 is whether the club should adopt a new scoring system. Some (Laurent Joly) have suggested that we move to the ManorCon system, which has been hailed as an improvement to Sum of Squares. Stay tuned on that.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in the election process. With these seven to guide the club over the next year, what could possibly go wrong?

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