Seven men enter, one man leaves

With play in Season 10 completed, the field for the Weasel Royale club championship game is now set. The invitees, in seed order, are:


  1. Matt Sundstrom
  2. Mike Morrison
  3. Jim O’Kelley
  4. Jack Sundstrom
  5. Ali Adib
  6. Brian Beck
  7. Don Glass

Adib, Beck and Jack Sundstrom, the 14-year-old protege of father Matt, would be making their first appearance in the Royale. Glass would be competing for the third straight year. Morrison also would be playing for the third time. He last appeared in 2012.

Matt Sundstrom, the defending champion, would be competing for the seventh time in eight years. For O’Kelley, meanwhile, the game would be his eighth straight appearance. He won in 2010.

Invitations for the the game, which has been set for October 24 at Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove, will go out shortly. Should any of the top seven be unable to play, the alternates will be:

  1. Christian Kline
  2. David St. John
  3. Amanda Baumgartner


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