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As we’ve been doing since the second Pyle in 2007, we presented the Weasels, our season awards, during a ceremony following play at yesterday’s Weasel Pyle. The Best Country awards, which must go to paid-up members, went to:


  • Austria: Christian Kline, 40.000 points, Game No. 271.
  • England: Mike Morrison, 73.143 points, Game No. 277.
  • France: Jim O’Kelley, 54.870 points, Game No. 270.
  • Germany: Matt Sundstrom, 73.529 points, Game No. 274.
  • Italy: Ali Adib, 40.000 points, Game No. 266.
  • Russia: Brian Beck, 38.208 points, Game No. 272.
  • Turkey: Don Glass, 47.059 points, Game No. 278.

As you can see, there weren’t many 50+ scores this year, and none of us dominated the league. Consequently, the Top Weasel award, which goes to the player, regardless of membership status, who tops the most boards during the season. This year, there was a three-way tie at a whopping two board-tops. Compare that total to Peter Lokken’s record 7.5 board-tops in Season 6 or even the 4.83 posted by Tony Prokes last year.

Anyway, this year’s Top Weasels are Ali Adib, Brian Beck and Don Glass. Congrats, Guys!

Adib also won the Rookie of the Year award. Although he wasn’t a true rookie when he joined our club on Opening Night, he played in nine bar games, posted solid results, and, most important, recruited friends to join  us. Our Prince of Persia is the Rookie of the Year.

(Note that while you don’t have to be a paid-up member to win this award, he is one. Same with the Top Weasels. Membership is not required for that honor because there’s no physical award, but all three of them are members.)

The biggest honor of all went to Matt Sundstrom who captured the Weasel of the Year title for an unprecedented third time. He’s pictured here with War Weasel Dan Burgess (left).

So, congratulations to all of our Weasel winners! Well deserved.

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