It’s Brawl over

The 2015 Bar Room Brawl Series ended last night at the Red Lion. A total of 48 players participated in the 16 games. The regular Red Wednesday event on the second Wednesday of every month certainly seemed to pay off.

The full standings are here. Scores are based on best three results. The top seven finishers, regardless of membership status, will now be invited to participate in the championship game, which will take place at the Red Lion on a date to be determined. They are:


  1. Ali Adib, 96.02 points (3 games scored)
  2. Matt Sundstrom, 84.39 points (3)
  3. Christian Kline, 81.33 points (3)
  4. Jim O’Kelley, 74.80 points (3)
  5. Scott Soren, 70.24 points (2)
  6. Brian Beck, 69.78 points (3)
  7. Nathaniel Olson, 62.81 points  (2)

The alternates are David St. John (52.37 in 2 games), Charlie Sweet  (44.49  in 1 game), Mike Esposito (39.32 in 3 games), Chris Kelly (35.13 in 3 games), and Brandon Fogel  (34.62 in 2 games).

Note that Nathaniel recently moved to Indonesia, Charlie lives in Milwaukee, and Mike is moving to California, so we potentially could get pretty deep into the alternate list, which is why I included so many.

As soon as we’ve finalized plans for the championship game, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for Opening Night of the 2016 Series on September 9 at the Red Lion!

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