Throwing Weasels on the Barbie

Congrats to the Australian Peter McNamara on winning Weasel Moot IX. Peter is only the third player (joining Matt Sundstrom and John Gramila) to capture both of our tournament titles.

Top Board
  1. Australian Peter McNamara
  2. Christian Kline
  3. Jorge Zhang
  4. Brian Beck
  5. Kevin O’Kelly
  6. Eric Grinnell
  7. Mark Weiskircher

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  1. Chris Kelly

    That damned Lokken edged me out for Best England?!

    So embarrassing.

  2. Jim O'Kelley

    If only you had been wearing a tank top.

  3. Chris Kelly

    I’m pretty sure that would have worked against me.

  4. Jim O'Kelley

    A total of 29 players (counting the TD in one round) played in the tournament on nine boards total. The numbers include six of this year’s new recruits, four of whom were playing in their first tournament.

    And we had two players in their early teens, one of whom placed third; plus two others in college.

    And although they didn’t play on the same board, both Kevin O’Kell(e)ys were present for the third round.

  5. Jim O'Kelley

    Oh, and Sam Bassett showed up on Sunday to hang out and watch the games.

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