Moot: The Summons of the Trumpet

Hroom! Hroom! The following players have answered the summons of the trumpet and will be playing at Weasel Moot IX (June 13-14 in the Atrium at UIC, 700 S. Halsted). An asterisk (*) denotes that the player has preregistered, which you may do through June 4. Preregistration will save you $5 on the tournament fee, $2 if you’re a student.


  1. Aash Anand*
  2. Ali Adib
  3. Amanda Baumgartner*
  4. Brian Beck*
  5. Bryce Colquitt
  6. Chris Glassburn*
  7. Chris Kelly*
  8. Christian Kline
  9. Dan Burgess*
  10. Don Glass*
  11. Eric Grinnell
  12. Fred Townsend
  13. Jake Langenfeld*
  14. Jim O’Kelley*
  15. John Gramila
  16. Jorge Zhang
  17. Josh Heffernan
  18. Kevin O’Kelley*
  19. Kevin O’Kelly*
  20. Korey Enright*
  21. Kyle Weiskircher*
  22. Mark Weiskircher*
  23. Matt Sundstrom*
  24. Michael Whitty*
  25. Nelson Flynn*
  26. Paul Pignotti*
  27. Peter Lokken
  28. The Australian Peter McNamara*
  29. Ray Setzer*
  30. Robert Rousse
  31. Samuel "Doc" Bassett
  32. Shawn McDuffee*

If you’d like to add your name to the list — or, heaven forbid — need to remove your name from it, please let me know by commenting below or emailing See you at Moot!

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