A board too far

Once before in our club history–at the first CODCon back in 2007–we asked three people to play on two boards to make numbers work. Since then, our threshold has been two. Any more than that, and it just gets too disruptive.

So, after a third cancellation on Wednesday night left us with just 11 players, we decided it would be better to sit four and field one solid board than stretch for two and disrupt both. The short straws went to Matt Sundstrom, John Gramila, Sam Bassett and me, although Sam sat in for the first few turns for a late-arriving Nathaniel Olson.

Game No. 271 ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn. The seven who played finished liked this:


Austria (Christian Kline): 10; 40.000 points.
England (Nick Rohn): 7; 19.600 points.
France (Ali Adib): 6; 14.400 points.
Germany (Josh Heffernan): 0;  0.000 points.
Italy (Aaron Kibbler): 4; 6.400 points.
Russia (Nathaniel Olson): 7; 19.600 points.
Turkey (David Spanos): 0; 0.000 points.

You can check out the supply center chart here.

It was good to see Nick Rohn at a league game. Nick played for the first time with the Weasels way back in Game No. 2 in November 2005. He played a few times a year in the early years of the club, but Nick is the father of seven, and that will keep a guy busy. Wednesday’s game was his first league game since June 2012.

Aaron Kibbler, meanwhile, was making his Weasels debut. Aaron plays online at playdiplomacy.com and was recruited by Nathaniel. He lives in Lake Zurich, so he may not become a fixture at our bar games, but we hope to see him at the Weasel Pyle at least. (And speaking of the Pyle, expect an announcement of the 2015 date shortly.)

Okay, I don’t have much else to say, as I spent the evening chatting, not watching the game. Perhaps the players will chime in with their thoughts.

In the meantime, our next game will be June 3 at the Red Lion. And then it’s on to Weasel Moot, June 13-14 at UIC. Hope to see you there!

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