The Weekly Weasel — Week of May 11

Last week was a busy one for the Weasels with two games, and we’re looking at two more boards at the Red Lion on Wednesday. No rest for the wicked. Here’s the latest news from the Weasels.

A WebDip of Lies
We entertained a visiting online player from Milwaukee last week with a bonus evening of Dip and Drinks at the Red Lion. Charlie Sweet, a regular on the popular site, felt so welcome that he topped the board. Finishing second was Weasel and fellow webdipper Scott Soren. Check out the game summary for more.

Every Man Has His Preece
We followed up last Wednesday’s game with a match at Dan Burgess’ home in Downers Grove on Saturday. Barry Preece returned to the table for the first time since his impressive debut back in March 2011, and Fred Townsend drove down from the North Shore to be the seventh. Unfortunately for host Dan, we couldn’t find an eighth, so he had to play, and unfortunately for the table, he played well. His Western Double ran away with the game. Check out the summary to see how Dan, Barry, Fred and the rest fared.

Wednesday is a Red Day
Arise, men (and women) of the Weasels. Wednesday is a red day, and we need two of you for a clean two boards!

We have 12 for Wednesday night at the Red Lion. We can certainly make two boards work by asking two people to play on both of them, but 13 would be better and 14, perfect. How about joining us? The games start at 6:30 and will end no later than 11.

Hroom, Hroom!
Weasel Moot is just about one month away. The dates again are June 13-14, and we’ll be in the Atrium at the University of Illinois-Chicago, 700 S Halsted. Preregistration will close on May 28 and is the only way to secure a room in the dorm. Singles will cost $41 per night; doubles, $30. In either case, you’ll be sharing a bathroom with another room. The website lists other housing options for those who are done with dorm-style living. I hope you’ll join us. CODCon was a great event, and we expect an even better Weasel Moot with lots of new faces.

Upcoming Games


  • May 13 at the Red Lion in Lincoln Square, beginning at 6:30 p.m. until no later than 11. Have 12; we can make two boards work with 12, but 13 would be easier and 14, perfect. Who’s in?

Sign up for games here, on Meetup, or by emailing War Weasel Dan Burgess (

Important Dates

  • June 13-14: Weasel Moot IX!
  • Aug. 7-9: North American Diplomacy Championship at the Philadelphia Massacre.
  • June 24-26, 2016: WDC at Weasel Moot X!

Up Next on the Tournament Circuit

Help Needed!
Speaking of your support, the Sneak is looking for someone familiar with Joomla — or enough spare time to become familiar with Joomla — to help with some updates to the back end of our website. Also, we need help converting Matt’s rating system to a searchable, web-based database. Please email us at if you can help with or have questions about either project.

Dues Are Due
Dues for 2015 are now due. We’ve kept our rates the same. A regular membership will cost you $25; the student rate is just $10. Dues will get you $5 off at Weasel Moot, eligibility for club awards and the Weasel Royale championship game, and–when we think of it–first crack at our house games. Dues pay for our club awards, the Meetup group, our website, and the Royale award and hosting subsidy. Please consider paying dues today. You may do so via PayPal here or by giving cash to a member of the Sneak. Thank you to the 24 Weasels who have paid up so far. We appreciate your support.

That’s all for this week.


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