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Here’s a hot tip: Place your money down now on Matt Sundstrom to win the 2018 CODCon Open. He’s as reliable as a comet, or maybe a locust. For the third time in nine years–each time on a multiple of three–Matt won the CODCon Open. And this time, he crushed it.

In his first round, Matt soloed as Turkey. Again. That’s his fourth solo as Turkey with the club, and the second one at CODCon. He probably could have skipped the rest of the con at that point. Instead, he showed up for Round 2 to take his beating. So, we pummeled him into a nine-center French board-top.

That turned out to be his #DropRound, because on Sunday, he nearly soloed again as Germany, finishing with 16 centers and more than 74 points. It was quite a performance.

The top seven, along with their best country awards, were:


  1. Matt Sundstrom, 174.419 points (France, Germany and Turkey)
  2. John Gramila, 75.112 points. (Austria)
  3. Eric Grinnell, 55.937 points.
  4. Paul Pignotti, 54.123 points. (England and Italy)
  5. Nate Cockerill, 51.102 points.
  6. Ben Johnson, 44.758 points. (Russia)
  7. Chris Martin, 44.444 points.

You can find the complete standings, along with the game charts, here.

A total of 26 people played in the tournament on eight boards: three each in the Saturday rounds and two on Sunday. We had hoped to hit four boards in one of the Saturday rounds and top 30 players for the first time, but four cancellations Saturday morning scuttled those dreams. Instead, we settled for our largest turnout since the first one in 2007 (30) and the most boards since 2010 (also eight). Not bad.

Next up for the Weasels are a couple of bar games the first two Wednesdays in May, followed by a possible house game at Dan’s. And then it will be June and time for Weasel Moot IX. We hope you’ll join us for that.

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  1. Jim O'Kelley

    Five awesome things about CODCon:
    1) Nate Cockerill was there. So good to see him. Keep fighting, Big Oozy!
    2) Chris Martin showed up for the Saturday evening round. What?!?
    3) Counting those two, a total of 10 players traveled to the event: Two each from Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, and one each from Colorado and Maryland.
    4) Three of the players were in their early to mid teens.
    5) More than at any of our other events that I can recall, this one featured a ton of non-Dip gaming. I learned Masquerade and Camel Up and got to play two games of Archipelago, which I really like. Plus, as I predicted in an earlier Weekly Weasel, we played a lot of Room 25 and, of course, Saboteur. Lots of fun.

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