A tale of two Lokkens

For Jeff Lokken, in town from Buffalo to visit his brother, Game No. 268, played Saturday at Peter’s home in Logan Square, was the best of times. But for brother Peter, it was the worst of times. Jeff’s France finished second with eight centers, while Peter in Germany was eliminated in 1904. Nevertheless, a bad game of Diplomacy is still a pretty good time.

"We all had fun," Peter said afterward. "It didn’t go well for me, though. I blame alcohol."

The game ended by draw vote in Spring 1906 in the following center counts:


Austria (Matt Sundstrom): 1; 0.424 points.
England (Geoff Serednesky): 9; 34.322 points.
France (Jeff Lokken): 8; 27.119 points.
Germany (Peter Lokken): 0; 0.000 points.
Italy (Josh Heffernan): 4; 6.780 points.
Russia (John Gramila): 5; 10.593 points.
Turkey (Evan Tschannen): 7; 20.763 points.

Jeff wasn’t the only out-of-towner. Geoff brought visiting friend Evan along. Evan currently lives in D.C. but will be moving to the Bay Area in a couple of months. I’ve already asked whether he’d like to be introduced to our contacts in those two areas.

Jeff and Geoff were playing the game for the first time. Peter taught them the rules in an extended teaching session an hour before the scheduled game start.

As for how the game went down, the supply center chart can tell you more about that than I can. Check it out here. Perhaps the players will provide some color by commenting below.

Next up for the Weasels is the CODCon Open this weekend. It’s shaping up to be a good one. We have a shot at four boards in at least one of the rounds on Saturday. That’s never happened before. Why don’t you make your plans to join us for a round on Saturday (or Sunday) to help ensure our best turnout since the inaugural year.

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