Brawl-i, Bomaye!

With his board-top in Wednesday’s game, Ali Abib seized the lead in this year’s Bar Room Brawl Series. He now has 88.040 points. Just behind him with 84.030 is previous leader Matt Sundstrom. Both have scored three games.

We’ve now played nine games in the series. Rounding out the top seven are Jim O’Kelley (52.85 points, three games), David St. John (52.37 points, two games), Scott Soren (33.470 points, one game), John Konwinski (32.870 points, three games), and Mike Esposito (31.770 points, three games).

For the complete standings, click here. The next game in the series will be in April. Stay tuned for the date. We’re trying to decide whether we want to move Red Wednesday next month from its normal second Wednesday so it’s not the same week as CODCon.

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