Ali and the Red Wednesday Miracle

After a down year for recruiting in Season 9 in which only 21 first-time Weasels played with us, we redoubled our recruitment efforts this season. Our work is paying off.

Last night at the Red Lion, two more first-time Weasels played with us, running our total for the year to 24 in just 15 games. But they weren’t the only newcomers. Four of the other five players joined our ranks this season. (The fifth played with us way back in Game No. 5 nine years ago but has come out only three times since then.) Game No. 266 was the first board we fielded since October, and only the second of the year, without either me or Matt Sundstrom on it. When we can fill boards without tapping hard-core regulars, that’s good news for the club. 

Now, those 24 new Weasels won’t all be keepers. That’s kind of the nature of the game. It’s not for everyone. We have to constantly beat the bushes for new Weasels because many of them will play once or twice and then fade back into the brush. For every Nelson Flynn, there’s probably five or more who will decide to invest their limited hobby time elsewhere.

But Ali Adib is quickly becoming a mainstay. Last night’s game was his fifth of the season and his first board-top. He’s now in third place. More tellng than his performance, though, is that he brought a friend along. An active recruit who helps the club grow? We’ll take a few more of those, and hopefully there are more among his peers in the Class of Season 10.

As for the game, it ended by time limit after the Fall 1905 turn in the following center counts:

Austria (Edwin Kite): 1; 0.400 points.
England (James Nebl): 7; 19.600 points.
France (Corbin Swagerty): 7; 19.600 points.
Germany (Alex Riedel): 1; 0.400 points.
Italy (Ali Adib): 10; 40.000 points.
Russia (Jake Langenfeld): 7; 19.600 points.
Turkey (Mike Esposito): 1; 0.400 points.

Check out the supply center chart here.

The new recruits were James and Corbin. James, who lives in Schaumburg, monitored us online for about a year before finally jumping in. He’s thinking about playing in Itasca on the 22nd and plans to play in the Sunday round at CODCon. Corbin, who lives in the city, is Adib’s recruit; he picked up the game quickly.

Although we didn’t play, Matt and I were there, so we were able to help with the adjudication, answer questions, and also catch up on a variety of subjects–Saturday’s game, Weasel Moot, our baseball teams, his band. It was a good night, and not a late one. All these newcomers are good for the club in more ways than one. Unlike us old timers, they don’t stick around after the game. I was home by 11:30.

That’s a Red Wednesday Miracle.


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