Keep calm and top the board

Last night’s game at the Red Lion featured four newcomers, and one of them, late-arriving British national Edwin Kite, topped the board. Where do you go from there?

Game No. 263 ended by time limit after the Fall 1906 turn in the following center counts:



Austria (Fred Townsend): 4; 7.619 points.
England (Christian Kline): 3; 4.286 points.
France (Esteban Becerril): 0; 0.000 points.
Germany (Matt Sundstrom): 6; 17.143 points.
Italy (Edwin Kite): 8; 30.476 points.
Russia (Peter Lokken): 7; 23.333 points.
Turkey (Kurt Paradis): 6; 17.143 points.

That they managed six full years was impressive given that a) Kline was on the board and b) they started after 7:15.

The supply center chart is here. Perhaps the players will fill in some details for us. I’ll share what I know about the newcomers.

  • Edwin joined our Meetup group a couple of weeks ago.
  • Esteban found us on the Chicago Game Lovers Meetup group. I’m trying to confirm the spelling of his last name.
  • Fred, another Chicago Game Lovers recruit, may or may not be the same Fred Townsend who was a prolific hobbyist in the 1980s. I’m trying to confirm that as well.
  • Kurt is an in-law of Matt’s.

These four run our total of acquired players for the season to 20, just one short of last year’s total. Clearly, posting our games in Chicago Game Lovers’ group has helped attract players. The downside, of course, is that we’re batting only about .500 on attendance from that group. Yesterday morning, we had 14 players signed up. By 6:30, we weren’t even sure we’d have one game let alone two.

But we did, and all’s well that ends well. We’ll do it again on Feb. 11. Prior to that, we’re playing a house game at John Gramila’s home in Humboldt Park on Feb. 7. Hope you can make one (or both) of those games.

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  1. Matt Sundstrom

    Should have added a comment long ago. Darn glad this game happened. We were at six for a very long time. Board topper and seventh player Edwin probably showed up at 7:30 and said let’s go. So we did.

    SIDE NOTE…We need seven for this game. Easier to lose people than add. Six is not good Most veterans will sit if we have too many. So please show up if you say you will. Makes planning much easier.

    New players took France/Turkey randomly. Remaining five drew powers randomly after that. I was not pleased to have Kline in England and Lokken in Russia to my Germany. Still, I rallied a kind of FGR coalition against Kline’s England. Too much R, not enough F. Spent the rest of the game fighting off and working with both Lokken and Kline (France was getting killed by Italy so EG couldn’t let that go). I think I owned 11 separate dots at some point. Should have had Venice but guessed wrong.

    Edwin’s Italy had a very, very solid AI. With France otherwise occupied, he couldn’t help but do well with a small amount of competence. Sadly, his competence was more than small. Beware of polite Englishmen showing up late…

    Enjoyed it regardless. Edwin will explode in the rating system. New guy and Italy gets a bonus when it does well.

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